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Aragon arms.

This is a list of consorts of the monarchs of the Kingdom of Aragon. Blanche II of Navarre and Philip I of Castile died before their spouses inherited the crown.


Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became consort Ceased to be consort Death Spouse
 ? Iñiguez of Pamplona
Íñigo Arista of Pamplona
- 820 - - García Galíndez
Oneca Garcés of Pamplona
García Íñiguez of Pamplona
- - - - - Aznar Galíndez II
Acibella Garcés of Gascony
García II Sánchez of Gascony
- - - - Galindo Aznárez II
Sancha Garcés of Pamplona
García Jiménez of Pamplona
- after 905 - -


House of Aragon[edit]

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became consort Ceased to be consort Death Spouse
Ermesinda of Bigorre Bernard-Roger, Count of Bigorre
- 22 August 1036 1 December 1049 Ramiro I
Agnes perhaps William VI or William VII, Duke of Aquitaine
- 1054 8 May 1063
husband's death
Isabella of Urgell Ermengol III, Count of Urgell
- 1065 1071
separated on grounds of consanguinity
1071, before 20 December Sancho I
Felicia of Roucy
Hilduin IV, Count of Roucy
- 1076, or before 4 June 1094
husband's death
3 May 1123
Agnes of Aquitaine
William VIII, Duke of Aquitaine
- January 1086 4 June 1094
husband's accession
6 June 1097 Peter I
of Italian origins - 16 August 1097 28 September 1104
husband's death
before 1111
UrracaCastile.jpg Urraca of León and Castile
Alfonso VI of León and Castile
April 1079 October 1109 1115
marriage annulled
8 March 1126 Alfonso I
Inês de Aquitânia, Rainha de Aragão -The Portuguese Genealogy (Genealogia dos Reis de Portugal).png Agnes of Aquitaine William IX, Duke of Aquitaine
late 1103 13 November 1135 13 November 1137
husband abdication
8 March 1160, or before Ramiro II
Sancha head.jpg Sancha of Castile
Alfonso VII of Castile
21 September 1154/5 18 January 1174 25 April 1196
husband's death
9 November 1208 Alfonso II
Pedro2 marie.jpg Marie of Montpellier
William VIII of Montpellier
1182 15 June 1204 21 January/18 April 1213 Peter II
Anverso y reverso del sello de la reina de Aragón Leonor de Castilla y Plantagenet.jpg Eleanor of Castile
Alfonso VIII of Castile
1202 6 February 1221 April 1229
marriage annulled
1244 James I
Tomba Violant d'Hongria.JPG Violant of Hungary
Andrew II of Hungary
1215/6 8 September 1235 12 October 1251
Picture Coat of Arms Name Father Birth Marriage Became consort Ceased to be consort Death Spouse
Konstancie Sic.jpg Coat of Arms of Constance of Sicily, Queen of Aragon.svg Constance of Sicily
Manfred of Sicily
1249 13 June/July 1262 27 July 1276
husband's accession
2/11 November 1285
husband's death
9 April 1302 Peter III
Isabell Castila 1294.jpg Royal Coat of Arms of the Crown of Castile (1284-1390).svg Isabella of Castile
Sancho IV of Castile
1283 1 December 1291 25 April 1295
marriage annulled
24 July 1328 James II
MSC Blanca d'Anjou.png Arms of Anjou-Jerusalem.svg Blanche of Anjou
Charles II of Naples
1280 29 October/1 November 1295 14 October 1310
Col elionor.jpg Arms of Marie of Lusignan, Queen of Aragon.svg Marie of Lusignan
Hugh III of Cyprus
1273 27 November 1315 10/22 April/September 1322
Tomba d'Elisenda de Montcada (detall).jpg Arms of Elisenda of Montcada, Queen of Aragon.svg Elisenda of Montcada
Pedro I of Montcada, Lord of Aitona and Soses
1272 25 December 1322 5 November 1327
husband's death
19 June 1364
Sepulcro de la reina Leonor. Iglesia de Ntra. Sra. del Manzano de Castrojeriz--4.JPG Royal Coat of Arms of the Crown of Castile (1284-1390).svg Eleanor of Castile
Ferdinand IV of Castile
1307 5 February 1329 24 January 1336
husband's death
March/April 1359 Alfonso IV
Marie Navarra 1338.jpg Royal Arms of Navarre (1328-1425).svg Maria of Navarre
Philip III of Navarre
1329-35 23 July 1338 29 April 1347 Peter IV
D. Leonor de Portugal, Rainha de Aragão - The Portuguese Genealogy (Genealogia dos Reis de Portugal).png CoA of Portugal (1248-1385) almond.svg Eleanor of Portugal
Afonso IV of Portugal
3 February 1328 19 November 1347 29 October 1348
Eleonora Sicily.jpg Coat of Arms of Eleanor of Sicily, Queen of Aragon.svg Eleanor of Sicily
Peter II of Sicily
1325 13 June/27 August 1349 20 April 1375
Sibilla de Fortia DarocaSMiguel.jpg Arms of Sibila of Fortia, Queen of Aragon.svg Sibila of Fortià
Berenguer of Fortià
1350 11 October 1377 6 January 1387
husband's death
4/24 November 1406
Violanta Bar.jpg Coat of Arms of Violant of Bar, Queen of Aragon.svg Yolanda of Bar
Robert I, Duke of Bar
1364/5 2 February 1380 6 January 1387
husband's ascension'
19 May 1396
husband's death
3 July 1431 John I
Marie Luna 3.jpg Coat of Arms of Mary of Luna, Queen of Aragon.svg Maria of Luna
Lope, Lord and 1st Count of Luna and Lord of Segorbe
1358 13 June 1373 19 May 1396
husband's accession
20/29 December 1406 Martin
Sepulcre Margarida de Prades.jpg Arms of Margarida of Prades, Queen Consort of Aragon.svg Margaret of Prades
Pedro of Aragon, Baron of Entenza
1395 17 September 1409 31 May 1410
husband's death

House of Trastámara[edit]

Picture Coat of Arms Name Father Birth Marriage Became consort Ceased to be consort Death Spouse
Eleanor queen.jpg Coat of Arms of Eleanor of Alburquerque, Queen of Aragon.svg Eleanor of Alburquerque
Sancho Alfonso, 1st Count of Alburquerque
1374 1393/4 28 June 1412
husband's accession
2 April 1416
husband's death
16 December 1435 Ferdinand I
Marie Kastilie.jpg Coat of Arms of Maria of Castile, Queen of Aragon.svg Maria of Castile
Henry III of Castile
1 September 1401 12 June 1415 2 April 1416
husband's accession
4 October 1458 Alfonso V
Juana Enríquez.png Coat of Arms of Juana Enríquez, Queen of Aragon.svg Juana Enríquez
Fadrique Enríquez, Count of Melba and Rueda
1425 1 April 1444 4 October 1458
husband's accession
13 February 1468 John II
IsabellaofCastile03.jpg Coat of Arms of Queen Isabella of Castile (1492-1504).svg Isabella I of Castile
John II of Castile
22 April 1451 19 October 1469 20 January 1479
husband's accession
26 November 1504 Ferdinand II
Germaine de Foix1.jpg Coat of Arms of Germanie of Foix as Queen Consort of Aragon Sicily and Naples.svg Germaine of Foix
John of Foix, Viscount of Narbonne
1488 19 October 1505 23 January 1516
husband's death
18 October 1538

Consorts of claimants against John II, 1462–1472[edit]

During the War against John II, there were three who claimed his throne, though this never included the Kingdom of Valencia. One of the three was Peter V of Aragon who remained a bachelor. The others Henry IV of Castile and René of Anjou had wives during their reign as pretenders. The wive of Henry IV was Joan of Portugal, a Portuguese infanta daughter of King Edward of Portugal and his wife Eleanor of Aragon. The first wive of Rene died prior to 1462; his second wife was Jeanne de Laval, a French noblewoman and daughter Guy XIV de Laval, Count of Laval and Isabella of Brittany.

House of Habsburg[edit]

Picture Coat of Arms Name Father Birth Marriage Became consort Ceased to be consort Death Spouse
Isabella of Portugal by Titian.jpg Coat of Arms of Isabella of Portugal, Holy Roman Empress and Queen Consort of Spain.svg Isabella of Portugal
Manuel I of Portugal
24 October 1503 11 March 1526 1 May 1539 Charles I

In 1556, the union of the Spanish kingdoms is generally called Spain and Mary I of England (second wife of Philip II) is the first Queen of Spain. Philip II was son of Charles I and Isabella of Portugal.

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