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The List of Consolidated B-24 Liberator operators, both the B-24 Liberator and PB4Y Privateer are listed and include the nation and service branch:

B-24 Liberator Operators[edit]

Military operators[edit]


Royal Australian Air Force

Australia/South West Pacific


  • No. 10 Squadron RAAF/No. 466 Squadron RAAF (A joint or merged unit – sources vary; began converting to Liberators in mid-1945 after the surrender of Germany, prior to transfer to the Pacific; disbanded in October 1945 after the surrender of Japan.)[1][2]


  • No. 10 Squadron RCAF
  • No. 11 Bomber Reconnaissance Squadron, RCAF
  • No. 168 Heavy Transport Squadron, RCAF
  • No. 5 OTU, BCATP Boundary Bay British Columbia and Abbotsford, British Columbia


 People's Republic of China[edit]


Czech Air Forces in exile


  • KG 200 unit operated several captured B-24 for clandestine missions.


Consolidated B-24L Liberator

When India gained independence in 1947, between 37 and 42 Liberators were resurrected by HAL and gave service with No.5, No.6 and No.16 Squadrons.[3] until their retirement in 1968. It is from the Indian Air Force that the majority of the remaining B-24s owe their existence.


Regia Aeronautica
  • A single USAAF B-24D (serial 41-23659) was captured by the Regia Aeronautica after landing in Pachino, Sicily February 1943. After evaluation at the Italian test centre at Guidonia, it was delivered to the Luftwaffe test centre at Rechlin in June.


Fuerza Aérea de Nicaragua
  • Two ex USAAF B-24D were operated by the FAN in the 1950's. Later sold to US Warbird collectors in the early 60's.


No. 321 Squadron RAF was formed from Dutch personnel of the Royal Netherlands Naval Air Service during World War II. After the Japanese Surrender, the squadron passed to the control of the Dutch Naval Aviation Service. It flew the B-24 Liberator between December 1944 and December 1945.

 New Zealand[edit]


Polish Air Forces in exile


Six B-24 Liberator of various variants were interned during World War II after landing in Portugal due to many reasons. All six of these aircraft were operated by the Aeronáutica Militar (Army Military Aviation).


One B-24 was captured largely intact after Operation Tidal Wave in 1943. It was tested by the Royal Romanian Air Force during the winter. Another two B-24s were captured after the raid of 5 April 1944. There were plans to form a squadron because of the large number of force-landed or crashed B-24s during the summer of 1944, but only three B-24Ds and one B-24J were made airworthy before King Michael's Coup. The plan was canceled after this event.

 Soviet Union[edit]

 South Africa[edit]


Eleven B-24s made an emergency landing in Turkey coming from bombing of Ploesti within Operation Tidal Wave. All of them were interned by Turkey and five of these B-24s were repaired and served in the Turkish Air Force.

 United Kingdom[edit]

Allied Aircraft: Consolidated Liberator GR Mk VI, KG869 'ZZ-K', of No. 220 Squadron Royal Air Force
Royal Air Force[4]

 United States[edit]

United States Army Air Forces
see: B-24 Liberator Units of the United States Army Air Forces
United States Navy

PB4Y Privateer Operators[edit]

Military Operators[edit]


 Republic of China[edit]



 United States[edit]

United States Navy
United States Coast Guard

Civil Operators[edit]

 United States[edit]


LB-30 Civil Operators[edit]

  • Ste Alpes Maritime
 United Kingdom
 South Vietnam

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