List of Chinese language schools in Taiwan

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Taiwan has long been a destination for foreign learners of Chinese and is home to many Chinese language schools. Several schools also offer courses in Taiwanese, or less commonly Hakka and Cantonese.

School Name Institute Name[1] District City
Taiwan Mandarin Institute Chinese Language Center[2] Da'an District Taipei
National Central University Language Center[3] Zhongli District Taoyuan
National Chengchi University Chinese Language Center[4] Wenshan District Taipei
National Cheng Kung University Chinese Language Center[5] Tainan
National Chiao Tung University Chinese Language Center[6] East District Hsinchu
National Chiayi University Language Center[7] Chiayi City
National Chung Hsing University The Language Center [8] South District Taichung
National Ping Tung University of Education Language Center[9] Pingtung
National Sun Yat-Sen University Chinese Language Center[10] Gushan District Kaohsiung
National Taichung University of Education Chinese Language Center[11] West District, Taichung Taichung
National Taipei University of Education Chinese Language Education Center[12] Da'an District Taipei
National Taiwan University International Chinese Language Program[13] Da'an District Taipei
National Taiwan Normal University Mandarin Training Center[14] Da'an District Taipei
Providence University Chinese Language Education Center[15] Shalu Taichung
Taipei Language Institute[16] Zhongzheng District Taipei
Taiwan Mandarin Institute[17] Da'an District Taipei
Tamkang University Chinese Language Center[18] Tamsui District New Taipei
Tunghai University Chinese Language Center[19] Xitun District Taichung
Tzu Chi University Chinese Language Center Hualien City Hualien County
Shih Chien University Chinese Language Center[20] Dazhi District [Taipei]]