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This is a list of notable people affiliated with Lafayette College.

Notable alumni, faculty, and trustees[edit]

William C. Cattell, President of Lafayette College from 1863 to 1883
Ralph Cooper Hutchison, President of Lafayette College from 1945 to 1958
William E. Simon, class of 1952, served as the United States Secretary of the Treasury from 1974–1977.
Fred Morgan Kirby, trustee from 1916–1940, provided funds to establish a Professorship of Civil Rights.

Academics and education[edit]


  • James Gayley, class of 1876, Managing Director Carnegie Steel Company and first Vice President U.S. Steel, 1901–09
  • Charles Bergstresser, class of 1881, one of the three founders of Dow Jones & Company
  • Harrison Woodhull Crosby, commercialized the canned tomato
  • Leslie Freeman Gates, class of 1897, President Chicago Board of Trade, 1919–1920
  • George B. Walbridge, class of 1898, co-founder and Chairman of Walbridge Aldinger (now known as simply Walbridge)
  • T. Frank Soles, class of 1904, Chairman of the Board of Talon, Inc., producers of the then-patented zipper; trustee and donor of Soles Hall
  • Fred Morgan Kirby, trustee from 1916–1940, helped found the Woolworth's five and dime store chain
  • Thomas J. Watson, trustee; donor; first Chairman and CEO of IBM, 1914–56; computing pioneer; namesake of the Watson Computer
  • Edward Jesser, class of 1939, former Chairman and CEO of Summit Bancorp
  • Walter E. Hanson, class of 1949, Chairman of KPMG.[1]
  • Arthur J. Rothkopf, class of 1955, retired Senior Vice President of U.S. Chamber of Commerce; President Emeritus, Lafayette College
  • Michael H. Moskow, class of 1959, CEO and President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
  • Thomas J Neff, class of 1959, Chairman of Spencer Stuart; former Lafayette College trustee
  • E. Wayne Nordberg, class of 1960, CIO of Hollow Brook Wealth Management; former Lafayette College trustee
  • William F. Buechler, class of 1961, Vice Chairman of Xerox, 1999–2001
  • Steven Kent Rockwell, class of 1966, CEO of ExOne and Rockwell Venture Capital
  • Carl G. Anderson Jr., class of 1967, CEO of Arrow International
  • Charles Golden, class of 1968, CFO of Eli Lilly and Company, 1996–2006
  • Jonathan D. Green, class of 1968, CEO of Rockefeller Group
  • Alfred A. Piergallini, class of 1968, former CEO of Gerber Products and Novartis
  • Frederick Haddad, class of 1970, founding partner of GoldenTree Asset Management, former Managing Director of Royal Bank of Canada
  • Michael F. Weinstein, class of 1970, CEO of Snapple, 1997–2000
  • Stephen D. Pryor, class of 1971, President of ExxonMobil Chemical Company
  • Roger Newton, class of 1972, Senior Vice President and Director, Esperion Therapeutics, Pfizer Global Research and Development; co-discoverer of Lipitor
  • Neil Levin, class of 1976, former Executive Director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, vice president of Goldman Sachs
  • James H. Kaplan, class of 1977, CEO of Tai Ping Carpets International
  • John Donleavy, class of 1978, CEO of Vermont Electric Power Company Inc.
  • Samuel R. Chapin, class of 1979, Executive Vice Chairman Global Banking, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Judson C. Linville, class of 1979, CEO, Citi Cards, Citigroup
  • Douglas Burcin, class of 1980, Global CEO Havas Health
  • Peter G. Jacoby, class of 1981, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs UnitedHealth Group
  • Elisabeth H. MacDonald, class of 1981, former Managing Director, Global Investment Banking, Chase
  • Angel L. Mendez, class of 1982, Senior Vice President of Customer Value Chain Management at Cisco Systems
  • Alan Hoffman, class of 1988, Senior Vice President, Global Public Policy and Government Affairs at PepsiCo.; former Deputy Chief of Staff to the Vice President of the United States Joe Biden; Deputy Assistant to the President[2]
  • Vicki O. Ebner, class of 1982, former Senior Vice President, Customer & Government Relations, UGI Corporation
  • Michael P. Whitman, class of 1982, CEO Micro Interventional Devices, former VP Sales & Marketing Johnson & Johnson
  • Thomas M. Moriarty, class of 1985, Executive Vice President and General Counsel of CVS Caremark
  • Michael C. Heaney, class of 1986, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley
  • Jamie Mattikow, class of 1986, Chief Commercial Officer at Ferrara Candy Company
  • Susan L. Fox, class of 1988, Vice President, Government Relations, The Walt Disney Company
  • Andrew Lapkin, class of 1988, CEO HedgeMark International
  • Chris Pucillo, class of 1989, CEO/CIO Solus Alternative Asset Management
  • Kevin Mandia, class of 1992, CEO Mandiant
  • Jed Plafker, class of 1992, President Franklin Templeton International
  • Ian Murray, class of 1997, co-founder of the Vineyard Vines clothing company





  • Frederick Starr, class of 1882, anthropologist
  • Barry Wellman, class of 1963, captain of undefeated College Bowl team; sociologist; founder of International Network for Social Network Analysis

Literature and poetry[edit]



Religion and theology[edit]


  • Rev. Thomas Conrad Porter, class of 1840, discoverer and namesake of several species of plants, among them Desmatodon Porteri, discovered on College Hill
  • James H. Coffin, Lafayette College Vice President and Treasurer 1846–73, pioneer in meteorology
  • William Harkness, attended 1854–56, astronomer
  • Richard William Dickinson Bryan – class of 1869, astronomer and chaplain on the Polaris Expeditions' attempt to reach the North Pole in 1871
  • William McMurtrie, class of 1871 and first Ph.D. in chemistry awarded at Lafayette (1875); Chief Chemist for the United States Department of Agriculture, 1873–78; President of American Chemical Society in 1900
  • William Porter Shimer, classes of 1878 and 1899, discoverer of titanium carbide
  • Eugene C. Bingham, Chemistry Professor 1916–39, pioneer in rheology; namesake of Bingham plastic, fluid, and stress, and the Bingham Medal
  • S. Donald Stookey, class of 1938, inventor of Corningware earned his master's degree in chemistry in the 1930s[7]
  • John J. Marchalonis, class of 1962, immunologist discoverer of T-cell receptors


Notable faculty[edit]

Presidents of Lafayette College[edit]


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