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This is a list of famous and notable Mexican dubbing voice actors (Actores de Doblaje) in alphabetical order by last names, where applicable. This would include persons who are known to a large number of people and is not based on the extent of their popularity. Neither is the list viewed from the context of the present. Their fame could be brief; what matters is that they were well known during the peak of their popularity.

In the Hispanic community the dubbed voices of famous film actors are remembered better and became widely recognizable (e.g. the Spanish voice of Homer Simpson from The Simpsons (translated as "Homero"), performed by Humberto Vélez, is one of the most famous in Latin America).

These actors often become stars in the science fiction or subgenre fandoms (like in anime fandom) and become guests in international science fiction fandom conferences.

Famous dubbers[edit]

Pre-1970s generation[edit]

1970s generation[edit]

1980s generation[edit]

1990s generation[edit]

2000s generation[edit]

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