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This is a list of episodes for the anime Monster Rancher. The show is based on the Monster Rancher video game series made by Tecmo.[1] The episodes are directed by Hiroyuki Yano, who also directed Daigunder and co-directed a Lupin III television special. The Japanese animation studio TMS Entertainment produced the show. The original run was from April 17, 1999 to September 30, 2000 on the Tokyo Broadcasting System in Japan, and was later adapted to English.

Season 1[edit]

# # Title Original airdate English airdate
1 1.1 "JP: The Beginning is Now! / ENG: In the Beginning"
"Hajimari wa ima!" (はじまりは今!) 
April 17, 1999 August 30, 1999
Genki is a young boy with an ordinary, dull life. That is, until he gets a new game in the mail. He soon gets pulled in and must now fend for himself within the game. He soon comes across two friends, Suezo and Holly. But, will they be able to stop the terrible monster, Moo? 
2 1.2 "I'm Mocchi!"
"Boku Mocchi" (ぼくモッチー!) 
April 24, 1999 August 30, 1999
Genki, Mocchi, Holly, and Suezo continue on their trek. Genki is concerned, however, that Mocchi is becoming a softy, so he decides to leave him with an elderly couple they meet outside of a town. Genki wants Mocchi to stay with them, but Mocchi refuses and shows his friendship toward Genki by helping him defeat the Black Dinos. 
3 1.3 "JP: The Monster's Forest / ENG: Guardian of the Disks"
"Kaibutsu no mori" (怪物の森) 
May 1, 1999 September 1, 1999
Genki and friends come across an "enigma", a Golem that does not like to fight. They invite him to join their quest, but when Moo's troops threaten the Golem's “Garden of Lost Disks”, they discover a terrible secret about him! 
4 1.4 "Eternal Worm"
"Eien no Wamu" (永遠のワーム) 
May 8, 1999 September 6, 1999
Genki and his friends encounter Allan, a young boy who is strict and cruel to his pet Worm. When he tries to ally with agents of Moo, however, he learns that loyalty is something that is given and not taken. 
5 1.5 "JP: Rygar of the Wind / ENG: Tiger of the Wind"
"Kaze no Raiga" (疾風のライガー) 
May 15, 1999 September 8, 1999
Genki and his friends come across a group of bandits in the desert, led by Tiger of the Wind. He steals the Magic Stone, but the Baddies turn all of his friends into lost disks and injure him. When Genki and his friends save him, he helps them defeat Captain Dino and then joins them. 
6 1.6 "JP: I am Ham / ENG: Hare's Trick"
"Wagahai wa Hamu dearu" (我が輩はハムである) 
May 22, 1999 September 14, 1999
Genki and his friends reach a town with a giant coliseum! Tiger battles Hare, who cheats his way to a victory. Genki and the others soon forgive him and Hare offers to buy them dinner and a place to stay the night. In the morning, Hare runs off and leaves them the bill, but Tiger catches up and makes him pay. Hare apologizes, and joins the group. 
7 1.7 "JP: Courage of the Seven / ENG: The Courageous Seven"
"Shichinen no yuki" (七人の勇気) 
May 29, 1999 September 22, 1999
Genki and his friends come across a beautiful valley with a small village at the foot of a dam. When Moo's troops damage the dam, Genki and the monsters must work together to save the town from utter disaster! 
8 1.8 "After the Rain"
"Ameagari no sora ni" (雨上がりの空に) 
June 5, 1999 September 23, 1999
Holly's past is finally revealed! She shares her story with the gang on a miserable, rainy day. She tells of how she came to be on the quest for the Phoenix with Genki and the others. 
9 1.9 "JP: Fly! Iron Bird / ENG: The Iron Bird"   June 12, 1999 September 29, 1999
Genki and the others come across an "Iron Bird", a massive flying machine. Its owner used it to escape from the land on the other side of an impassable canyon. But, the fugitive is running from the forces of Moo, and, in order to save himself, he may have to betray his new friends. 
10 1.10 "The Ruins' Secret"   June 19, 1999 September 30, 1999
Genki and friends arrive in Heaven Canyon via the iron bird. In the canyon are humans mining “mystery disks” under the oppression of Moo. Are Genki and his friends strong enough to defeat them and free the imprisoned humans? 
11 1.11 "Pixie's Defeat"   June 26, 1999 October 6, 1999
Genki and Mocchi manage to climb out of the canyon, and Genki leaves Mocchi (who is caught by a Clay) to free his friends and all of the slaves. The meet Pixie for a showdown, but the ruins collapse while they're fighting, and Big Blue digs them out. Pixie realizes that she is doing what she despises the most by imprisoning the humans, so she decides be join the Searchers' cause. 
12 1.12 "Monol's Story"   July 3, 1999 October 12, 1999
In search of a mysterious disk, Monol tells of a great story from the past. 
13 1.13 "Moo Revealed"   July 10, 1999 October 18, 1999
Genki and friends meet paths with the infamous Moo. Will they be strong enough to defeat him? 
14 1.14 "Holly's Rescue"   July 17, 1999 November 1, 1999
The Searchers, aided by the Pirate Dragons, infiltrate Moo's castle. Moo tells of how he left the village and was infused with Holly's father. He also gives Holly his dagger, which was Holly's father's, to prove it. Then Genki and his friends save her, with the help of Pixie. 
15 1.15 "A New Departure"   July 24, 1999 November 3, 1999
The Searchers arrive to the ocean, and encounter Horn, the self-proclaimed righteous pirate. They try to get him to give them a ride across the ocean, and fight Gali's Zuum troops at the same time. 
16 1.16 "Great Battle at Sea"   July 31, 1999 November 10, 1999
While on Horn's ship, the Searchers have to fight off the Zillas as well Gooji, the Zillas' leader. Golem must overcome his fear of water if he is to save his friends of Gooji's wrath. 
17 1.17 "Underground Adventure"   August 7, 1999 November 16, 1999
Tiger and Hare's rivalry finally comes to a head, when the gang gets lost in an underground labyrinth. Hurt by Tiger's harsh words, Hare takes off on his own. But in the end, Hare's wits may be the only thing that can save them from the mind games of a Joker. 
18 1.18 "Our Friend Henger Forever"   August 14, 1999 November 17, 1999
The Searchers discover an ancient city, perfectly preserved by Hengers. But, the robot caretakers are programmed to prevent anyone from entering it! When the Hengers take Holly's pendant, Genki and his friends must trust a malfunctioning Henger, who was banished from the city because of his free will, to find a way inside. 
19 1.19 "Suezo's Secret Weapon"   August 21, 1999 November 18, 1999
Suezo has always been happy to let others do the fighting for him. But, his friends have begun to take him for granted, and when Hare points out that he has no Special Attack, Suezo takes the criticism pretty hard. Genki begins to try and train him, but does Suezo have the courage it takes to show what he can really do? 
20 1.20 "My Name is Pixie"   August 28, 1999 November 22, 1999
Pixie returns, and helps Genki in a battle against a group of Scaled Jells. But she and Genki become separated from the others, and when Pixie gets injured, she finds she must rely on Genki to survive. At first, she is embarrassed and angry. But Genki's compassion begins to wear away at the barrier of hatred she has built around herself. 
21 1.21 "The Mocchi Cannon"   September 4, 1999 November 23, 1999
The Searchers finally confront Gali, the second of Moo's Big Four. Gali is both charming and clever, and manages to trap Genki and the others in a pit. But Mocchi escapes the trap, and the young monster must fight, alone, in order to save his friends. 
22 1.22 "Run, Tiger, Run!"   September 18, 1999 November 24, 1999
The Searchers are attacked by the Black Worms, who are under Gray Wolf's command. Tiger must save the group and come over the realization that he must be the one to defeat his brother. 
23 1.23 "Don't Give Up, Ducken!"   September 25, 1999 November 29, 1999
While wandering through a hude, dark forest, the Searchers are captured by a group of Mocks, led by their captain, a dark Mock named Ebony. Mocchi manages to escape, and befriends a Ducken, who had been hiding in the forest from the Mocks. Can Mocchi save Genki and the others or will his efforts get his new friend captured as well? 
24 1.24 "Undine's Lake"   October 2, 1999 November 30, 1999
The Searchers come across a small, quiet lake in the forest. They decide to restock their food supplies with fish. However, the lake has another inhabitant, an Undine. Golem falls in love with the beautiful water spirit, but she turns out to be a servant of Moo. Will he be able to defeat her? 
25 1.25 "Warriors of the Ruins"   October 9, 1999 December 1, 1999
Genki and his friends come across a trio of Centaurs, proud warriors who serve Moo, but have a code of honor of their own. They challenge the Searchers to a tournament, but there is a squad of Salamanders in the area as well, and they don't want the Centaur to have the glory of Genki's capture. 
26 1.26 "Melcarba"   October 16, 1999 December 2, 1999
While running from a squad of creatures called Jaggernauts, Genki and the others stumble across a factory. The Jaggernauts follow them into the factory, and they battle. However, an android, Melcarba, is still lying dormant in the factory for millions of years and kills all of the Jaggernauts. Then it turns on the Searchers, and they have to use the lightning storm to shut down the deranged cyborg. 

Season 2[edit]

# # Title Original airdate
27 2.1 "Tiger's Battle With Destiny"   October 23, 1999
Gray Wolf challenges his brother, Tiger of the Wind, to a one-to-one duel to settle things. Who will be the victor? 
28 2.2 "Color Pandora, Guardian of the Forest"   October 30, 1999
Genki and the group enter Naga's territory, which is also the Color Pandoras' forests. Naga sends Stone Dragon to destroy them. Meanwhile, the group falls into one of the Color Pandora's traps. They eventually understand each other, and work together to trap Stone Dragon. But when Stone Dragon breaks free, Color Pandora then turns him into a Lost Disk. 
29 2.3 "Farewell, my Friend"   November 6, 1999
Genki and the group meet up with Jim and his Eared Mew at the Yellow River. They battle Baddies as they cross the river. Genki is angry at Jim, who thinks that he is just a kid, but sees that Genki is a strong person when he saves him. 
30 2.4 "Baby Bossy"   November 13, 1999
Genki and the gang resurrect Bossy. The Apes worship Bossy, because he finds them food and shelter. But the Rock Apes steal him for the same purposes, and Genki's gang collaborates so both tribes are equal among Bossy's rule. 
31 2.5 "Amusement Park Ruins"   November 20, 1999
Genki and the gang locate an abandoned amusement park that is the remain of an ancient civilization. They all explore, until the Kuros kidnap Mocchi. They beat the Kuros, but Pixie comes to tell them that Moo found his body. 
32 2.6 "Holly's Million Gold Smile"   November 27, 1999
The gang meets up with Niton, a snail-like creature who is a merchant. He sells them second-rate quality items and a fake mystery disk for Holly's dagger. Infuriated, they go to find him, but the Jells trap them on the beach and bury them. But the tide is coming in fast. Holly begs Niton to help, and he finally comes to his senses and does what is right. He digs them out and gives them a refund. 
33 2.7 "Battle in the Meadow"   December 4, 1999
Naga sends the Tainted Kat Brothers to destroy Genki and his friends. Mocchi and Genki are separated from the group, and meet with the Tainted Kat Brothers' old mentor, Kato. Kato trains Genki and Mocchi, and together the two help the Tainted Kat Brothers realize that they were wrong to turn against their mentor. 
34 2.8 "The Town That Disappeared"   December 11, 1999
Naga sends his most powerful warrior, Bajarl, to destroy Genki and the others. Bajarl traps them in his jar, and only Holly and Mocchi escape. Holly then stumbles onto a ghost town that was wiped out by Bajarl. Holly reads the mayor's diary, realizing that the mayor rigged a huge rock formation above the town with explosives. She blows up the rock, trapping Bajarl and saving her friends. 
35 2.9 "Battle With the Big Bad Four"   December 18, 1999
The gang infiltrates Naga's headquarters to take out the last of the Big Bad four! 
36 2.10 "Eve's Night"   December 25, 1999
Moo is finally merged with his body and immediately seeks out Genki's group. They are currently traveling over a mountain, and they come across a sleepy village. The village doesn't answer when they ask to stay in, because it is "Ogre Day" in the village, where an ogre comes and steals children. A little girl, Eve, leaves her house on during the night to seek out the mystic god who will kill the ogre, but she finds Moo, and he holds her inside an energy bubble. Moo confronts the gang, and his overwhelming offense power squashes them. But, when it looks like the end, the sun arises. Moo cannot stand the light, and flees. Eve is rescued. 
37 2.11 "Holly's Happy Birthday"   January 8, 2000
Genki and the monsters celebrate Holly's birthday. 
38 2.12 "Evil General Durahan's Challenge"   January 15, 2000
Moo orders General Durahan to destroy Genki and his group. Durahan sends End-Bringer, who is stronger than the group. But the group's courage fuels them to destroy End-Bringer. 
39 2.13 "Goodbye, Baku"   January 22, 2000
Durahan sends Chariot and a pack of Shell Saurians to destroy the group. The Shell Saurians are reluctant to follow the group into the forest, because a monster is rumored to live there. Chariot orders them to kill the group, regardless of some rumor. The gang finds Baku, who likes Genki. Genki resembles his owner, who was killed when Chariot destroyed Baku's village. Baku turns Chariot into a lost disk, but Baku is changed into a lost disk also. 
40 2.14 "The Secret of Holly's Magic Stone"   January 29, 2000
Genki and the group come across ruins, which an archaeologist, Colt, is excavating. She tells that the ruins are the remains of the "Pendant" civilization. This civilization has the same crest as the Baddies. Anyhow, Durahan sends Metal Jell and a squadron of Knight Mocchis to destroy the group. Genki and the others trap the Baddies in a moster-making factory in the ruins. The factory experiences an electric surge, and explodes with the Baddies inside. 
41 2.15 "Tiger Meets His Match"   February 5, 2000
The team takes a break in a meadow, and Tiger goes to look for food. While he is gone, Jagd Hound attacks. Tiger chases him, because Jagd Hound was not a Baddie. Tiger learns that Lilim kidnapped a baby Jagd Hound swore to protect, and the only way Jagd Hound would get it back was if he destroyed Genki's group. So Tiger and Jagd Hound fake Tiger's death with an Evil Hare lost disk to trick Lilim, and her plot is foiled. 
42 2.16 "The Warriors From Outer Space"   February 12, 2000
Durahan unleashes a squadron of Astros to destroy Genki and the team. They lose the Astros in the ruins of a spaceship, and Captain Astro finds them and tells of how the people of Vangea tortured them, and he wants revenge on all humans. He does not realize that not all humans are evil until he falls down a waterfall, and Genki tries to save him. Astro becomes a lost disk. 
43 2.17 "The Sand Assassin, Renocraft"   February 19, 2000
Durahan sends Renocraft to destroy the group, but they succeed in turning him into a lost disk. 
44 2.18 "Magic Stone Mayhem"   February 26, 2000
Captain Weed realizes that the Magic Stone is needed to perfect Moo's body. He tells Durahan to get it. Durahan wants it for himself to overthrow Moo. Durahan sends the Gangsters, which are self-reassembling robots. Lilim gets the Magic Stone before Weed does, and goes to give it to Durahan. 
45 2.19 "The End of Durahan"   March 4, 2000
When Lilim returns, she tells Durahan that she would rather give the Magic Stone to Moo. All of Durahan's forces have turned on him, and to make matters worse, Genki and his friends teleport to Durahan's warship. Lilim rigs it to explode, and she gets away with the Magic Stone. Genki and his friends confront Durahan and defeat him. Then they escape from the Iron Bird before it explodes, with Durahan on board. 
46 2.20 "Jill's Icy Secret"   March 11, 2000
The group travels north, and comes across a village of Jill. Jill tells them of the legend of Cinderbird, who changed the evil Skullcapt into a regular Jill. Jill decides that Genki and his friends have true souls of goodness, and decide to show them the Phoenix, which is encased in a giant ice cube. But Moo comes, fully reenergized. Genki and the others attempt to lead Moo away from the Phoenix. 
47 2.21 "Tears"   March 18, 2000
Genki and the others attempt to lead Moo away from the Phoenix, when Pixie and an army of the Pirate Dragon army, led by Vulcan. Pixie is seriously hurt while fighting. But instead of finishing them off, Moo goes berserk. His mind is strangled by the evil fury of Moo's soul. Meanwhile, Pixie is in danger of becoming a lost disk. Big Blue decides to fuse with Pixie to save her, even though he ceases to exist. They fuse into Granity. Holly realizes that in order to summon the Phoenix's soul, they might have to fuse monsters that the Phoenix's soul was reincarnated into. 
48 2.22 "Blue Skies"   March 25, 2000
Moo is so berserk that he has even started to destroy the Baddie armies. He then travels to Mt. Kyrus to destroy the volcano. The magma, Monol tells them, will cause a chain reaction inside the planet and cause a catastrophic earthquake that will destroy the planet. Monol also says that the Phoenix's soul was split into five subdivisions and fused with five mystery disks. He says that the monsters are Suezo, Mocchi, Tiger, Golem, and Hare. The five fuse into the Phoenix. Both the Phoenix and Moo are destroyed in the battle, and Genki is shunted back to his own time. 

Season 3[edit]

# # Title Original airdate English airdate
49 3.1 "Return to Monster Rancher"   April 1, 2001 September 13, 2001
A year has passed since the final battle with Moo, but Genki still cannot forget his friends. Suddenly he is led by an image of Mocchi to a deserted shop with a Monster Rancher game disk. Playing the disk he sees his friends' quest to defeat Moo unfold before him and what happened in his absence. 
50 3.2 "In Quest of the Legend Cup"   April 15, 2001 September 14, 2001
Holly is determined to free her father from the disk and trap Moo inside. The three enter a city to eat and while they are there, they see Poritoka and Most in the Legend Cup competition. 
51 3.3 "Battle for the Rookie Cup"   April 22, 2001 September 15, 2001
Genki and Mocchi take part in the first of six competition that leads to the Legend Cup. 
52 3.4 "Saved by a Hare"   April 29, 2001 September 16, 2001
The gang runs into Hare at an orchard and finds out that he has been living with Tama who saved Hare after the battle with Moo. 
53 3.5 "The Powerful Wondar Brothers"   May 6, 2001 September 17, 2001
While Mocchi is searching for food, he chances upon the Wondar Brothers. 
54 3.6 "Tiger and the Mandy Cup Challenge"   May 13, 2001 September 18, 2001
Tiger wants to make his debut at the Mandy Cup, but everyone is worried that he won't be able to as he has forgotten his abilities. Genki tries to teach Tiger some defensive moves but Tiger insists to continue practicing alone to recover his lost abilities. 
55 3.7 "Disappearing Hare Line"   May 20, 2001 September 19, 2001
The gang becomes increasingly curious about Hare's baggage but Hare refuses to show them. But then when a small Spot Dino steals his baggage the gang gives chase and finds that the Spot Dino is an orphan living under the care of Fairy Hare, one of Hare's long lost friends. 
56 3.8 "Lost At Sea: Disappearance of the Mystery Disk"   May 27, 2001 September 20, 2001
Fed up with their failures, General Durahan sends out his Jelly Gaboos to deal with the gang. The Jelly Gaboos caught up with the gang who found themselves on a deserted sea platform. 
57 3.9 "Furred Suezo's M-1 Grand Prix Hero"   June 3, 2001 September 21, 2001
In this competition (3 rounds, 1 on 1), Mocchi must enter with two other monsters in the list that is designated by the IMA. Only Golem and Suezo qualify. While Golem is fine, Suezo is terrified. 
58 3.10 "All's Fare in Love and Taxis"   June 10, 2001 September 22, 2001
The gang tries to cross the marshlands but have problems with getting a cheap taxi. In the end they took Sandra's offer of 700 gold. 
59 3.11 "Allan's Advice"   June 17, 2001 September 23, 2001
In the forest, Genki is busy with creating battle plans when Wood Golem attacks. No one listens to Genki's battle plans and Genki, Mocchi and Wood Golem falls into the river. When Genki awakens he finds Allan, who goes around searching for and unlocking Disks. 
60 3.12 "Winner's Cup: The Fickle Finger of Fate"   June 24, 2001 September 24, 2001
In the Winner's Cup held in a town by the seaside, Mocchi's partner has to be Golem who is the only 1 in the 5 IMA designated monsters that is with the gang. It will be 2 rounds of 1 on 1 battles and a Sudden Death in the event of a tie against the defending champions. While Golem is bend on making up for his mistakes the other time, Mocchi isn't feeling well at all and faints from high fever. 
61 3.13 "Pink Jam to the Rescue"   July 1, 2001 September 25, 2001
Pink Jam and the Jells have changed their ways but are still failures in whatever they do. Incidentally, the gang meets up with them but they don't realize it as they concealed their baddies' crest. Just as things where going well, a fearsome trio of Tombstones attacked! Can Pink Jam do anything about it and can these ex-Baddies be trusted? 
62 3.14 "Ghost Encounters of the Pirate Kind"   July 8, 2001 September 26, 2001
The gang meets up with Horn who lost his pirate ship mysteriously one night! Also, they hear about the legend of a phantom ship in these parts of the ocean. So they decided to help find Horn's ship. Surely, they found the ship alright but it is anything but empty! 
63 3.15 "The World Monster Cup: Naga Returns"   July 15, 2001 September 27, 2001
When Mum Mew asks about his plans, General Durahan says that he has already found a very strong monster who can deal with the gang. As they signed up for the World Monster Cup, the gang realized that they don't have a partner for Mocchi that is in IMA's designated list so they went around only to encounter Naga of the Big Bad Four. 
64 3.16 "Legend of the Great White Most"   July 22, 2001 September 28, 2001
Mum Mew and Gobi decides to personally deal with the gang and spare the General's monster collection. The gang enters a training village and splits up to go to their respective type designated region to train. 
65 3.17 "Shogun the Mighty"   July 29, 2001 September 29, 2001
In General Durahan's collection, there is a fearsome warrior - Shogun who is stronger than General Durahan himself. 
66 3.18 "Brothers, in the Greatest Four"   August 5, 2001 September 30, 2001
Tiger meets up with Gray Wolf but refuses to acknowledge him as his brother after realizing that they are opponent in battle. 
67 3.19 "Golem's Cook-Off"   August 12, 2001 October 1, 2001
Golem and gang runs into an Old Lady who cooks the best Pizza. Just when she was about to defend her crown in the cooking competition, her secret sauce is stolen. 
68 3.20 "Battling Granity"   August 19, 2001 October 2, 2001
The gang meets up with Granity but then she becomes controlled by a machine type Baddie which enter her head. 
69 3.21 "Mum Mew Risks it All"   August 26, 2001 October 3, 2001
Mum Mew, Gobi and Weed tries to capture the gang by issuing wanted posters. 
70 3.22 "Legend Cup: Mocchi vs. Poritoka"   September 2, 2001 October 4, 2001
Genki and the gang made it to the International Monster Association headquarters to register for the Legend Cup. 
71 3.23 "Legend Cup: Mocchi vs. Most"   September 16, 2001 October 5, 2001
General Durahan orders Mum Mew and Gobi to show him the highlights of the Legend Cup thus far. Meanwhile, Most's public sparring match is held to raise funds for a gymnasium for young boys and girls as well as monsters that intend to participate in future monster battles. 
72 3.24 "Reunion"   September 23, 2001 October 6, 2001
Despite losing to Most, Most gladly destroys the championship belt to give the Magic Stone to the gang. Armed with the Magic Stone, the gang sets off in Most's plane to find a shrine to unlock the Mystery Disk and seal Moo forever. 
73 3.25 "The Final Battle"   September 30, 2001 October 7, 2001
After rescuing Holly's father, the gang waits for him to awaken. Then, the Mystery Disk gets stolen by General Durahan, who becomes possessed by Moo. In the end, Durahan and his team help the gang destroy Moo forever. 


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