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Below is a list of newspapers published in Portugal.


The number of national daily newspapers in Portugal was 32 in 1950, whereas it was 27 in 1965.[1]

Portuguese newspapers[2]
Newspaper Frequency Est. Headquarters Circulation Orientation[3] Owner Website
A Bola sports, daily 1945 Lisbon N/A Benfica Sociedade Vicra Desportiva
Correio da Manhã daily 1979 Lisbon 92,693 Right Cofina
Destak daily, free 2001 Lisbon and Porto 71,895 Cofina
Diário de Notícias daily 1864 Lisbon 14,759 Centrist Global Media Group
Expresso weekly 1973 Lisbon 95,034 Centre-right Impresa (Sojornal)
i daily 2009 Lisbon N/A Right Newshold
Jornal de Letras cultural, biweekly 1981 Lisbon 7,371 Impresa
Jornal de Negócios economics, daily 1998 Lisbon 11,703 Centrist Cofina
Jornal de Notícias daily 1888 Porto 52,248 Centrist Global Media Group
O Jogo sports, daily 1985 Porto 18,769 Global Media Group
O Jornal Económico economics, weekly 2006 Lisbon 4,150 Luís Figueiredo
Público daily 1990 Lisbon and Porto 31,801 Centre-left Sonae
Record sports, daily 1948 Lisbon 36,019 Cofina
Sol weekly 2006 Lisbon N/A Right Newshold
Vida Económica economics, weekly 1933 Porto 5,867 Grupo Vida Económica
Online newspapers
Eco economics 2016 Lisbon N/A Swipe News, SA.
Observador 2014 Lisbon N/A Luís Amaral
PT Jornal 2012 Maia N/A Pedro Gonçalves

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