List of South Korean films of 1949

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This is a list of films produced in South Korea in 1949.

Released English title Korean title Director Cast Genre Notes
February 9 A Hometown in Heart 마음의 고향 Yun Yong-gyu Drama [1]
March 21 Motherland 조국의 어머니 Yun Dae-ryong Drama [2]
April 9 A Diary of Woman 여성일기 Hong Seong-ki Drama [3]
April 30 The Spirit of Goguryeo 고구려의 혼 Yim Woon-hak Historical [4]
May 10 Documentary of Baek Beom's Public Funeral 백범 국민장 실기 Yun Bong-chun Documentary [5]
June 7 A Patriot's Son 애국자의 아들 Yun Bong-chun Drama [6]
June 25 The Son of the Earth 대지의 아들 Shin Kyeong-gyun Melodrama [7]
July 1 Wind and Waves 풍랑 Woo Hyun Melodrama [8]
August 5 A Fellow Soldier 전우 Hong Gae-myeong Anticommunism [9]
August 13 A Journey of Youth 청춘행로 Jang Hwang-yeon Melodrama [10]
August 15 The Blue Hill 푸른 언덕 Yu Dong-il Musical [11]
September 24 Pilot An Chang-Nam 안창남 비행사 No Pil Biographical [12]
October 4 Breaking the Wall 성벽을 뚫고 Han Hyung-mo Anticommunism [13]
October 5 For the Country 나라를 위하여 Ahn Jong-hwa Anticommunism [14]
October 12 The reality of the North Korea 북한의 실정 Lee Chang-chun Documentary [15]
November 1 A Mother 돌아온 어머니 Lee Gye-ha Drama [16]
November 15 Pasi 파시 Choi In-kyu Drama [17]
December 10 The Collapsed 38th Parallel 무너진 삼팔선 Yun Bong-chun Documentary [18]
A Herd boy and a Golden Watch 목동과 금시계 Lee Yong-min Drama [19]
A Judge 심판자 Kim Seong-min Drama [20]
An Old Clown 늙은 광대 Gang Mun-su [21]
The Korean Textile Co. 고려방직 Bang Ui-seok Documentary [22]


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