List of South Korean films of 1955

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This is a list of films produced in South Korea in 1955.

Released English title Korean title Director Cast Genre Notes
16 January Chunhyangjeon 춘향전 Lee Gyu-hwan Melodrama, Historical [1]
16 January Dream Shin Sang-ok Historical Drama [2]
26 April The Battle line of Freedom 자유전선 Kim Hong Action, War [3]
12 May The Everlasting Love 구원의 애정 Min Kyoung-sik Melodrama [4]
24 May Second Start 제2의 출발 Chung Chang-wha Drama, Enlightenment [5]
11 June The Boxes of Death 죽음의 상자 Kim Ki-young Drama, Anticommunism [6]
13 August Passionate Love 열애 Hong Seong-ki Melodrama [7]
23 September Piagol 피아골 Lee Kang-cheon Drama, Anticommunism [8]
13 October Yangsan Province 양산도 Kim Ki-young Melodrama, Historical [9]
25 November Sad Story of a Head Cutter 망나니비사 Kim Seong-min Melodrama, Historical [10]
30 November The Youth 젊은 그들 Shin Sang-ok Historical, Action [11]
10 December The Widow 미망인 Park Nam-ok Melodrama [12]
? Marriage Check-up 결혼진단 Lee Man-heung Melodrama, Comedy [13]
? The Castle of Hatred 원한의 성 Lee Man-heung Melodrama, Anticommunism [14]
? The Hill of Immortal Bird 불사조의 언덕 Jeon Chang-keun Enlightenment, War [15]


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