List of South Korean films of 1981

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A list of films produced in South Korea in 1981:

English/Korean Title Director Cast Genre Notes
Barmaid Number 0
Be Patient, Young Lady
Come Low Unto Us Lee Jang-ho
A Girl Who Has Gone to the City Kim Soo-yong
Goodbye, Dad
A Horse Carriage in Winter Jung So-young
Invited People Choi Ha-won Yu In-chon Religious drama Best Film at the Grand Bell Awards
Madame Freedom '81 Park Ho-tae Yoon Jeong-hee
Choi Mu-ryong
Mandala Im Kwon-taek Ahn Sung-ki
Parrot Sang with Her Own Body
The People in Dark Streets Lee Jang-ho
Shorter Three Times, Longer Three Times Kim Ho-sun
A Small Ball Shot by a Midget Lee Won-se
Suddenly at Midnight Ko Young-nam Kim Young-ae
Hitman in the Hand of Buddha Hwang Jang Lee Hwang Jang Lee Martial Arts
Miss, Please Be Patient
아가씨 참으세요
Agassi cham-euse-yo
Lung Tong, Jeong Yun-hui[1] Martial Arts / Crime / Drama
The One I Love
사랑하는 사람아
Salanghaneun salam-a
Jeong Yun-hui[1]
Parrot Cries with Its Body
앵무새 몸으로 울었다
Aengmusae mom-eulo ul-eossda
Jeong Yun-hui[1]


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