List of US cities that have used STV

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The following cities in the United States of America have all used single transferable vote methods to elect local government legislative bodies, typically for city council elections. Most of these cities had stopped using it by 1960. (Listed by State):

California : Sacramento
Colorado : Boulder
Connecticut : West Hartford
Massachusetts : Cambridge (currently used, city council and school committee)
Massachusetts : Lowell
Massachusetts : Medford
Massachusetts : Quincy
Massachusetts : Revere
Massachusetts : Saugus (Used in 1948 and 1950[1] First Massachusetts town to use STV.[2])
Massachusetts : Worcester
Michigan : Kalamazoo
Minnesota : Hopkins
Minnesota : Minneapolis (currently used, Park Board and Board of Estimate and Taxation)
New York : Long Beach
New York : New York City (city council)
New York : New York City (32 community school board elections)
New York : Yonkers
Ohio : Ashtabula
Ohio : Cincinnati
Ohio : Cleveland
Ohio Hamilton
Ohio : Toledo
Oregon : Coos Bay
West Virginia : Wheeling


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