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This is a list of butterfly species found in the Western Ghats region. This region is a biodiversity hotspot and about 334 species of butterflies have been recorded.

  • Papilionidae—Swallowtail Butterflies (19 species)
  • Pieridae—Yellow-White Butterflies (34 species)
  • Nymphalidae—Brush-Footed Butterflies (97 species)
  • Lycaenidae—Blues, hairstreaks and Gossamer-Winged Butterflies (101 species)
  • Hesperiidae—Skipper Butterflies (83 species)


Family Papilionidae[edit]

Subfamily Papilioninae[edit]

Genus Graphium (Pathysa)—The Swordtails, Zebras[edit]


Genus Graphium (Graphium)—The Bluebottles and Jays[edit]

Genus Atrophaneura (Pachliopta)—The Roses[edit]

Genus Troides—The Birdwings[edit]

Genus Papilio (Chilasa)—The Mimes[edit]

Genus Papilio (Papilio)—The Swallowtails[edit]

Family Pieridae[edit]

There are 34 species recorded.

Subfamily Pierinae—The Whites[edit]

Genus Pieris, The Whites[edit]

Genus Anaphaeis—The Pioneers[edit]

Genus Cepora—The Gulls[edit]

Genus Ixias—The Indian Orange Tips[edit]

Genus Delias—The Jezebels[edit]

Genus Prioneris—The Sawtooths[edit]

Genus Appias—The Puffins and Albatrosses[edit]

Genus Leptosia—The Psyche[edit]

Genus Hebomoia—The Great Orange Tip[edit]

Genus Colotis—The Arabs[edit]

Genus Pareronia—The Wanderers[edit]

Subfamily Coliadinae—The Yellows[edit]

Genus Catopsilia—The Emigrants[edit]

Genus Eurema—The Grass Yellows[edit]

Genus Colias—The Clouded Yellows[edit]

Family Nymphalidae[edit]

Subfamily Libytheinae[edit]

Genus Libythea—The Beaks[edit]

Subfamily Danainae[edit]

Genus Parantica—The Glassy Tigers[edit]

Genus Tirumala—The Blue Tigers[edit]

Genus Danaus—The Tigers[edit]

Genus Euploea—The Crows[edit]

Genus Idea—The Tree Nymphs[edit]

Subfamily Charaxinae[edit]

Genus Charaxes—The Rajahs[edit]

Genus Polyura—The Nawabs[edit]

Subfamily Morphinae[edit]

Genus Discophora—The Duffers[edit]

Genus Amathusia—The Palmking[edit]

  • Palmking Amathusia phidippus Linnaeus, 1763

Subfamily Satyrinae[edit]

Genus Mycalesis—The Bushbrowns[edit]

Genus Lethe—The Treebrowns[edit]

Genus Ypthima—The Rings[edit]

Genus Zipaetis—The Catseyes[edit]

Genus Orsotriaena—The Nigger[edit]

  • Nigger Orsotriaena medus (Fabricius, 1775)

Genus Melanitis—The Evening Browns[edit]

Genus Parantirrhoea—The Travancore Evening Brown[edit]

Genus Elymnias—The Palmflies[edit]

Subfamily Heliconiinae[edit]

Genus Vindula—The Cruiser[edit]

  • Cruiser Vindula erota Fabricius, 1793

Genus Cirrochroa—The Yeomen[edit]

Genus Cupha—The Rustic[edit]

  • Rustic Cupha erymanthis (Drury, 1773)

Genus Phalanta—The Leopards[edit]

Genus Argynnis—The Fritillaries[edit]

Genus Cethosia—The lacewings[edit]

Subfamily Acraeinae[edit]

Genus Acraea—The Tawny Coster[edit]

Subfamily Limenitidinae[edit]

Genus Limenitis—The Admirals[edit]

Genus Athyma—The Sergeants[edit]

The Colour Sergeant (Athyma nefte)

Genus Pantoporia—The Lascars[edit]

Genus Neptis—The Sailers[edit]

Neptis hylas
Pantoporia hordonia

Genus Parthenos—The Clipper[edit]

  • Clipper Parthenos sylvia (Cramer, 1775)

Genus Euthalia—The Barons[edit]

Genus Tanaecia—The Counts[edit]

Genus Dophla—The Dukes[edit]

Subfamily Cyrestinae[edit]

Genus Cyrestis—The Map Butterflies[edit]

Subfamily Biblidinae[edit]

Genus Ariadne—The Castors[edit]

Genus Byblia—The Joker[edit]

  • Joker Byblia ilithyia (Drury, 1773)

Subfamily Apaturinae[edit]

Painted Courtesan Euripus consimilis

Genus Rohana[edit]

Genus Euripus—The Courtesans[edit]

Subfamily Nymphalinae[edit]

Genus Vanessa—Admirals, Painted Lady[edit]

Genus Kaniska[edit]

Genus Junonia—The Pansies[edit]

Genus Hypolimnas—The Eggflies[edit]

Genus Kallima—The Oakleafs[edit]

Genus Doleschallia—The Autumn Leaf[edit]

  • Autumnleaf Doleschallia bisaltide malabarica (Cramer, 1777)

Family Lycaenidae[edit]

Genus Abisara, The Judies[edit]

Genus Logania—The Mottles[edit]

  • Mottle Logania distanti Semper, 1889.

Genus Spalgis—The Apefly[edit]

  • Apefly Spalgis epius (Westwood, 1851) (L6.1)

Genus Talicada—The Red Pierrot[edit]

Genus Castalius—The Common Pierrot[edit]

Genus Caleta—The Angled Pierrot[edit]

Genus Discolampa—The Banded Blue Pierrot[edit]

Genus Tarucus—The Blue Pierrots[edit]

Genus Syntarucus—The Zebra Blue[edit]

Genus Azanus—The Babul Blues[edit]

Genus Neopithecops—The Quaker[edit]

  • Quaker Neopithecops zalmora Butler 1870 (L15.1)

Genus Megisba—The Malayan[edit]

  • Malayan Megisba malaya (Horsfield, 1828) (H20.1, p. 220)

Genus Celastrina—The Hedge Blues[edit]

Genus Acytolepis—The Hedge Blues[edit]

Genus Akasinula—The White Hedge Blue[edit]

Genus Cyaniris—The Hedge Blues[edit]

Genus Polyommatus—The Meadow Blues[edit]

Genus Chilades—The Lime Blue[edit]

Genus Zizeeria—The Grass Blues[edit]

Genus Pseudozizeeria—The Pale Grass Blue[edit]

Genus Zizula—The Tiny Grass Blue[edit]

Genus Freyeria—The Grass Jewel[edit]

Genus Euchrysops—The Gram Blues[edit]

  • Gram Blue Euchrysops cnejus (Fabricius, 1798) (L23.1)

Genus Edales—The Plains Cupid[edit]

Genus Anthene—The Ciliate Blues[edit]

Genus Catachrysops—The Forget-me-nots[edit]

Genus Lampides—The Ceruleans and the Peablue[edit]

  • Peablue Lampides boeticus (Linnaeus, 1767) (L26.1)

Genus Jamides—The Ceruleans[edit]

Genus Nacaduba—The Lineblues[edit]

Genus Prosotas—The Lineblues[edit]

Genus Petrelea—The Dingy Lineblue[edit]

Genus Curetis—The Sunbeams[edit]

Genus Iraota—The Silverstreak Blues[edit]

Genus Horsfieldia—The Leaf Blue[edit]

Genus Thaduka—The Many-tailed Oak-Blue[edit]

Genus Arhopala—The Oakblues[edit]

Genus Nilasera—The Oakblues[edit]

Genus Panchala—The Oakblues[edit]

Genus Narathura—The Tamil Oakblue[edit]

Genus Surendra—The Acacia Blue[edit]

Genus Zinaspa—The Silver Streaked Acacia Blue[edit]

Genus Loxura—The Yamfly[edit]

  • Yamfly Loxura atymnus (Cramer, 1782) (L48.1)

Genus Apharitis—The Tawny Silverline[edit]

Genus Spindasis—The Silverlines[edit]

Genus Aphnaeus—The Silverlines[edit]

Genus Zesius—The Redspot[edit]

Genus Pratapa—The Tufted Royals[edit]

Genus Ancema—The Royals[edit]

Genus Creon—The Broadtail Royal[edit]

Genus Tajuria—The Royals[edit]

Genus Ops—The Branded Royal[edit]

Genus Charana—The Mandarin Blues[edit]

Genus Cheritra—The Common Imperial[edit]

Genus Rathinda—The Monkeypuzzle[edit]

Genus Horaga—The Onyxs[edit]

Genus Catapaecilma—The Common Tinsel[edit]

Genus Chliaria—The Tits[edit]

Genus Zeltus—The Fluffy Tit[edit]

Genus Deudorix—The Cornelians[edit]

Genus Virachola—The Guava Blues[edit]

Genus Rapala—The Flashes[edit]

Genus Vadebra—The Malabar Flash[edit]

Genus Bindahara—The Plane[edit]

  • Plane Bindahara phocides (Fabricius, 1793) (L74.1)

Family Hesperiidae[edit]


Genus Badamia—The Brown Awl[edit]

  • Brown Awl Badamia exclamationis (Fabricius, 1775)

Genus Bibasis—The Orange Tailed Awl[edit]

Genus Choaspes—The Awlkings[edit]

Genus Hasora—The Awls[edit]


Genus Aeromachus—The Scrub Hoppers[edit]

Genus Ampittia—The Bush Hoppers[edit]

Genus Arnetta—The Bobs[edit]

Genus Baoris—The Swifts[edit]

Genus Baracus—Hedge Hoppers[edit]

Genus Pseudoborbo—Bevan's Swift[edit]

Genus Borbo—The Swifts[edit]

Genus Caltoris—The Swifts[edit]

Genus Cupitha—The Wax Dart[edit]

  • Wax Dart Cupitha purreea (Moore, 1877)

Genus Erionota—The Palm Redeye[edit]

Genus Gangara—The Giant Redeye[edit]

Giant Redeye Gangara thyrsis

Genus Gegenes[edit]

Genus Halpe—The Aces[edit]

Genus Matapa—The Branded Redeye[edit]

Genus Notocrypta—The Demons[edit]

Genus Parnara[edit]

Genus Pelopidas—The Branded Swifts[edit]

Genus Polytremis[edit]

Genus Potanthus—The Darts[edit]

Genus Psolos—The Coon[edit]

  • Coon Psolos fuligo (Mabille, 1876)

Genus Quedara[edit]

Genus Salanoemia—The Lancer[edit]

Genus Sovia[edit]

Genus Suastus—The Palm Bob[edit]

Genus Taractrocera—The Grass Darts[edit]

Genus Telicota—The Palm Darts[edit]

Genus Cephrenes[edit]

Genus Thoressa—The Aces[edit]

Genus Udaspes—The Grass Demon[edit]

Genus Hyarotis—The Flitters[edit]

Genus Oriens—The Dartlets[edit]


Genus Caprona —The Angles[edit]

Genus Celaenorrhinus—The Flat[edit]

Genus Coladenia—The Pied Flats[edit]

Genus Gerosis—The White Flat[edit]

Genus Gomalia[edit]

Genus Odontoptilum—The Angles[edit]

Genus Sarangesa—The Small Flats[edit]

Genus Spialia —The Grizzled Skippers[edit]

Genus Tagiades—The Snow Flats[edit]

Genus Tapena—The Angles[edit]


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