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This is a list of primary aluminium smelters in the world. Primary production is the process by which alumina is smelted to pure aluminum metal[1]. Secondary production is the process of recycling aluminum scrap into aluminum that can be used again[2]. The list is incomplete and missing some data. [3][4][5][6][7][8]

Country Location Total Annual Capacity (tonnes) Ownership Status
flag Argentina Puerto Madryn 460,000 Aluar (Aluminio Argentino)
 Argentina Puerto Madryn, Chubut 447,200 100% Aluar Aluminio Argentino S.A.I.C.
 Australia Boyne Island 570,000[8] Rio Tinto (Boyne Smelters Limited)[8]
 Australia Tomago 590,000[8] Tomago Aluminium Company Pty. Ltd. Rio Tinto 51.55%, Gove Aluminium Finance Ltd 36.05%, Hydro Aluminium 12.40%
 Australia Portland, Victoria 358,000 Alcoa World Alumina Australia Ltd. - Portland Aluminium Running at 300,000 capacity after December 2, 2016 plant failure
 Australia Point Henry 190,000 Alcoa World Alumina Australia Ltd. Closed 31 July 2014
 Australia Bell Bay, Tasmania 180,000[8] Rio Tinto (Bell Bay Aluminium)[8]
 Azerbaijan Ganja 50,000 Ganja Aluminium
 Bahrain Askar 1,011,101 Alba (Aluminium Bahrain)
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Mostar 130,000 Aluminij d.d. Mostar
 Brazil Vila dos Cabanos 460,000 Albras (Alumínio Brasileiro S.A.)
 Brazil São Luís 460,000 Alumar (Consórcio de Alumínio do Maranhão S.A.) Joint Venture, 40% BHP Billiton, operated by Alcoa[1]
 Brazil Aluminio 455,000 Companhia Brasileira de Aluminio (CBA)
 Brazil Ouro Preto 150,000 66.67% Hindustan Aluminium, 33.33% Novelis
 Brazil Poços de Caldas 106,000 Alcominas (Alcoa Alum?nio S.A.)
 Brazil Santa Cruz 95,000 Metalisul (Grupo Metalis) Closed and dismantled
 Brazil Saramenha 51,000 Novelis do Brasil S.A. Closed and dismantled
 Cameroon Edéa 100,000 Alucam (Compagnie Camerounaise de l'Aluminium)
 Canada Sept-Iles, Quebec 606,000[8] Aluminerie Alouette Inc. Alouette is a consortium of AMAG Austria Metall AG (20%), Hydro Aluminium (20%), Investissement Québec (6.67%), Marubeni Corporation (13.33%) and Rio Tinto (40%)[8]
 Canada Alma, Quebec 466,000[8] Rio Tinto[8]
 Canada Bécancour 437,000[8] A.B.I. (Aluminerie de Bécancour Incorporée) JV 74.9% Alcoa (operated by Alcoa), and 25.1% Rio Tinto[8]
 Canada Kitimat 420,000[8] Rio Tinto[8]
 Canada Baie Comeau 300,000 Alcoa Aluminerie de Baie-Comeau
 Canada Deschambault 260,000 Alcoa Aluminerie de Deschambault
 Canada Laterrière, Quebec 244,000[8] Rio Tinto[8]
 Canada Grande Baie, Saguenay, Quebec 221,000[8] Rio Tinto[8]
 Canada Arvida, Saguenay, Quebec 173,000[8] Rio Tinto[8]
 Canada Shawinigan Falls 100,000 Rio Tinto Alcan - Shawinigan Falls reduction closed November 2013. Casthouse operations sold but remains open
 China Kaiman 1,100,000
 China Hongjun 1,060,000 Huomei Hongjun Aluminium Smelter
 China Luneng Jinbei 975,000
 China Luneng Jinbei 975,000
 China Pingguo Alumina 955,000 100% Chinalco[6] (United Nations 2000)
 China Xinjinag 860,000 Xinjiang Easthope Coal Power & Aluminium
 China Dongfang Xiwang 780,000 Dongfang Xiwang Aluminium Smelter Innermongolia
 China Wujiaqu 740,000 Xinfa Group
 China Lanzhou Shi 700,000 Lanzhou Aluminium Smelter
 China Qingtongxia Shi 685,000 Qingtongxia Aluminum Co.
 China East Hope (Sanmenxia) 650,000
 China Baotou Shi 610,000 Baotou Aluminum Factory
 China Yugang Longquan 600,000 Henan Yugang Longquan Aluminium Co. Ltd.
 China Nongliushi 590,000 Nongliushi Smelter Xinjiang
 China Qinghai Xinye 575,000 Qinghai Xinye Aluminium Smelter
 China Chiping Xinfa 550,000 Shandong Xinfa Aluminium Co.
 China Henan Wanji 530,000 Henan Wanji Aluminum Co. Ltd.
 China Qinghai Huanghe 500,000 Qinghai Huanghe Aluminium Company
 China Qinghai Xinheng 500,000 Qinghai Xinheng Aluminium Plant
 China Qinyang 500,000 Henan Qinyang Aluminium Power
 China Yongchen City 500,000 Yongchen Aluminium
 China Yunnan 500,000 Yunnan Aluminium Co. Ltd.
 China Zhonghe 495,000 Zhonghe Group
 China Qinghai 436,000 Qinghai Aluminium Plant
 China Guanyuan Aostar 420,000 Sichuan Aostar Guangyuan Aluminium Smelter
 China Jiaozuo Shi 420,000 Jiaozuo Wanfang Aluminium Smelter
 China Shenhuo (new) 420,000 Henan Shenhuo Orient Aluminium Company
 China Fukang 413,000 Xinjian Tianlong Mineral Co. Aluminium Smelter
 China Guizhou 410,000 Guizhou Aluminum Plant
 China Nanshan 406,000 Shandong Nanshan Aluminum Co., Ltd.
 China Nanshan 400,000
 China Wanji Xiangjiang 400,000
 China Yangquan 400,000
 China Baotou East Hope 400,000 Baotou Oriental Hope Aluminium Co
 China Longquan Aluminium 400,000 Longquan Aluminium Smelter
 China Qiya 400,000 Qiya Group
 China Tianshan 400,000 Tianshan Group
 China Xinjang Yihe 400,000 Xinjiang Yihe Aluminium Smelter
 China Yichuan 400,000 Henan Hong KongYugang Longquan Aluminium Co., Ltd.
 China Pingdingshan 375,000
 China Ningxia 370,000 Ningxia Jinjiang Group
 China Xinjiang 370,000 Xinfa Group
 China Zhongning 370,000 Zhongning Aluminium Smelter
 China Emeishan 355,000 Emeishan Aluminium Industry Clique Co. Ltd.
 China Emei 350,000 Sichuan Emei Aluminium Pant
 China Fushun Shi 350,000 Fushun Aluminium Reduction Plant
 China Jinning 350,000 Jinning Aluminium Co
 China Qiaotou 350,000 Qiatou Aluminium Works
 China Shanxi-Huaze 350,000 Shanxi-Huaze Aluminium & Power Co.
 China Sichuan Qiya 350,000 Qiya Group
 China Xiezhou 330,000 Xiezhou Aluminium Works
 China Lubei 320,000
 China Guangxi Baise 320,000 Guangxi Baise Xinghe Smelter
 China Zhongfu 308,000 Zhongfu Industry Group
 China Datong Xian 260,000 Qinhai Aluminium Smelter
 China Lanzhou Liancheng 260,000 Lanzhou Liancheng Aluminium Plant
 China Laibin Yinhai 250,000 Laibin Yinhai Aluminium Company
 China Zunyi Xian 242,000 Zunyi Aluminium Works
 China Gansu Longxi 240,000 Gansu Longxi Dongxing Smelter
 China Guiyang Shi 240,000 Guiyang Aluminium Smelter
 China Linzhou 240,000 Lifeng Aluminium Co. Ltd.
 China Yunnan Dongyuan 240,000 Yunnan Dongyuan Smelter
 China Guanlu (new) 220,000 Shanxi Guanlu Co. Ltd.
 China Shanxian Hengkang 220,000 Shanxian Hengkang Smelter
 China Yuncheng Shi 220,000 Shanxi Huasheng Aluminium Works
 China Guixi Huayin 200,000
 China Wusheng (Pinglu) 200,000
 China Donghai 200,000 Shandong Donghai Aluminium Corp.
 China Baise Yinhai 175,000 Baise Yinhai Aluminium Co
 China Xinfa 175,000 Xinfa Xiwang Al & Power
 China Jinxi 160,000 Xinfa Group
 China Linfeng 160,000 Linfeng Aluminium
 China Shenhuo (old) 160,000 Henan Shenhuo Aluminium Company
 China Dingtai Tuoyuan 150,000
 China Yimei 150,000
 China Honglu Aluminium 150,000 Honglu Aluminium Co
 China Tongshuan 150,000 Tongshuan Aluminium Smelter
 China Zouping 141,000 Zouping Aluminium Smelter
 China Pingguo Xian 140,000 Pingguo Aluminum Co.
 China Ke'ao 135,000 Shandong Yankuang Ke-au Aluminium
 China Meishan Qimingxing 130,000 Sichuan Meishan Qimingxin Aluminium Co
 China Tianyuan 130,000 Tianyuan Aluminium Group
 China Shangdian 125,000 Shangdian Aluminium Co. Ltd.
 China Hejin Xian 120,000 Long Men Aluminum Plant
 China Sanmenxia Shi 120,000 Sanmenxia Tianyuan Aluminum Co.
 China Yulian Power 120,000 Henan Yulian Power Group.
 China Zhengxing 120,000 Zhenxing Aluminium Smelter
 China Guangyuan Qimingxing 114,000 Qimingxing Aluminium Co.
 China Huasheng Jiangquan 112,000 Huasheng Jiangquan Aluminum Co.
 China Guanlu (old) 110,000 Shanxi Guanlu Aluminium Plant
 China Tongshuan Xinguang 110,000 Tongchuan Xinguang Aluminium Co. Ltd.
 China Aba 100,000 Aba Aluminium Works
 China Chuangyuan 100,000 Changyuan Aluminum Works
 China Huayu 100,000 Huayu Aluminium Works
 China Taiyuan Shi 100,000 Taiyuan Aluminium Works
 China Yinhai 100,000 Yinhai Aluminium Co.
 China Qinao 90,000 Qinao Aluminium Smelter
 China Xichuan 90,000 Xichuan Ferro-Alloy Works
 China Zhongmei 83,000
 China Huanghe 80,000 Huanghe Aluminum Co.
 China Jinneng 80,000 Jinning Aluminium Smelter
 China Mianchi Aluminium 80,000 Mianchi Aluminium Plant
 China Shandong Aluminium 78,000 Shandong Aluminium Smelter
 China Xinwang 76,000 Henan Xinwang Aluminium Co. Ltd.
 China Nanping Shi 73,000 Nanping Aluminium Group
 China Faxiang 70,000 Faxiang Aluminium Works
 China Huadong 70,000 Huadong Aluminium Works
 China Huaxin 70,000 Huaxin Aluminum Industries
 China Zheijiang Huadong 70,000 Zhejiang Huadong Aluminium Co. Ltd.
 China Yangquan 68,000 Shanxi Yangquan Aluminium Co. Ltd.
 China Dengfeng 65,000 Dengfeng Aluminium Works
 China Jilin 65,000 Jilin Aluminium Company
 China Yungcheng Shanhe 65,000 Yungcheng Shanhe Aluminium Co.
 China Yichang 62,000 Yichang Changjiang Aluminum Co., Ltd.
 China Zhaofeng 61,000 Zhaofeng Aluminium Smelting Co
 China Yangquan Shi 60,000 Yangquan Aluminium Works
 China Yongan 60,000 Yongan Aluminum Co.
 China Zhengzhuo Shi 58,000 Zhengzhuo Aluminium Smelter
 China Chongqing Tiantai 55,000 Chongqing Aluminium Co
 China Longxiang 55,000 Longxiang Aluminium Works
 China Jiaokou 50,000
 China Chongqing Dongsheng 50,000 Dongsheng Aluminium Works
 China Danjiankou Shi 50,000 Danjiangkou Water Conservancy Aluminium Factory
 China Dianneng Gejiu 50,000 Dianneng Gejiu Aluminium Works
 China Lintao 50,000 Lintao Aluminium Plant
 China Longlin 50,000 Longlin Aluminium Smelter
 China Ningxia 50,000 Ningxia St. Dehua
 China Taian 50,000 Taian Aluminium Works
 China Tongshun 50,000 Tongshun Aluminium Plant
 China Yunnan Runxin 50,000 Yunnan Runxin Aluminium Works
 China Haizhou 40,000 HaizhouAluminium Smelter
 China Yunnan Yongxin 35,000 Yunnan Yongxin Metals Processing Co.
 China Lanjiang Shi 30,000 Lanjiang Aluminium Works
 China Pingyin 26,000 Shandong Pingyin Aluminium Plant
 China Gongyi 25,000 Gongyi Aluminium Plant
 China Panshi Xian 25,000 Panshi Aluminium Works
 China Nanchuan -
 China Shanxi Tongde -
 China Yunnan -
 China Zunyi -
 China zhengzhou 480,000 Zhengzhou Laiwosi Aluminum Co., LTD
 Egypt Nag Hammadi 320,000 Egyptalum (Aluminium Company of Egypt)
 France Dunkerque 270,000[8] Rio Tinto (Aluminium Dunkerque)[8]
 France St. Jean de Maurienne 141,000 Trimet Aluminium SE 65 %, EDF 35 %
 Germany Neuss 230,000 Hydro Aluminium Deutschland GmbH - (Rheinwerk)
 Germany Essen 170,000 Trimet Aluminium SE - Headquarters
 Germany Hamburg 135,000 Trimet Aluminium SE
 Germany Voerde 96,000 Trimet Aluminium SE
 Ghana Tema 200,000 Valco (Volta Aluminium Company)
 Greece St. Nicolas 166,000 Aluminium de Grèce SA (AdG)
 Guinea Sangaredi - 33% Global Alumina, 33% BHP Billiton, 25% Dubai Aluminium Company Limited, 8.3% Mubadala Development Company PJSC[8] - currently in Feasibility Study
 Iceland Reyðarfjörður 346,000 Alcoa Fjarðaál
 Iceland Grundartangi, near Akranes 312,000 Nordic Aluminum Co (Norðurál), subsidiary of Century Aluminum
 Iceland Straumsvik, near Hafnarjordur 205,000[8] Rio Tinto September 19, 2018. Norsk Hydro backs out of its deal to buy Rio's Icelandic Smelter.[9]
 Iceland Helguvíkurvegur, near Keflavík 250,000 Nordic Aluminum Co (Norðurál), subsidiary of Century Aluminum Partially complete. Construction suspended in 2008.
 India Korba 900,000 Bharat Aluminium Co. (Balco)
 India Jharsuguda 500,000 Vedanta Resources
 India Angul 475,000 National Aluminium Co. (Nalco)
 India Belgaum, Karnataka 390,000 Indal, Hindalco[6] (United Nations 2000)
 India Lapanga 360,000 Aditya Aluminium (Hindalco Industries Ltd))
 India Bargawan 360,000 Mahan Aluminium (Hindalco Industries Ltd))
 India Renukoot 345,000 Hindustan Aluminium Co. (Hindalco Industries Ltd))
 India Hirakud 213,000 Hindalco Industries Ltd. - Hirakud Smelter
 Indonesia Kuala Tanjung 265,000 PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminium (Persero) Starts as a consortium between 12 Japanese Inverstors and the Indonesian Government. As of November 2013 it's entirely owned by the Indonesian Government.[10]
 Iran Bandar Abbas (2) 147,000 Hormozgan Aluminium (Hormozal)
 Iran Arak (2) 110,000 Iran Aluminium Co (Iralco)
 Iran Bandar Abbas 110,000 Al-Mahdi Aluminium Corp. (AAC)
 Iran Arak 90,000 Iran Aluminium Co (Iralco)
 Italy Portoscuso 159,000 Alcoa Italia SpA-Portovesme Works Closure announced by Alcoa (August 28, 2014).
 Japan Kanbara, Shizuoka 20,000 Nippon Light Metals Co Ltd. Closed in March 2014[4]
 Japan Ehime - 100% Sumitomo Chemical[6]
 Kazakhstan Pavlodar 250,000 Kazakhstan Aluminium Works (KAZ)
 Korea Mopko 180,000 South Korea General Chemical Corporation
 Malaysia Sarawak 640,000 Press Metal Bintulu
 Malaysia Sarawak 120,000 Press Metal Sarawak
 Montenegro Podgorica 120,000 DP Kombinat Aluminijuma Podgorica (KAP)
 Mozambique Maputo 565,000 Mozal (Mozambique Aluminium Smelter) Joint Venture of BHP Billiton 47.1%, Mitsubishi Corporation 25%, Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa Limited 24%, Government of Mozambique 3.9%[1] BHP Billiton holdings now demerged to South32[5]
 Netherlands Delfzijl 170,000 Aluminium Delfzijl BV (Aldel)
 New Zealand Tiwai Point 351,000 New Zealand Aluminium Smelters (NZAS) Rio Tinto 79.36%, Sumitomo Chemical Company 20.64%[8]
 Nigeria Ikot Abasi 200,000 Alscon (Aluminium Smelter Co of Nigeria)
 Norway Sunndalsøra 400,000 Sunndal Primary Production (Haas)
 Norway Årdal 233,000 Årdal Primary Production (Haas)
 Norway Mosjøen 221,500 Alcoa Norway - Mosjøen Works
 Norway Karmøy 190,000 Karmøy Primary Production (Haas)
 Norway Husnes 185,000 Hydro Husnes (Norsk Hydro)
 Norway Lista 127,500 Alcoa Norway - Lista Works
 Norway Høyanger 60,000 Høyanger Primary Production (Haas)
 Oman Sohar 372,000[8] Sohar Aluminium Company Oman Oil (40 per cent), Abu Dhabi National Energy Company PJSC – TAQA (40 per cent) and Rio Tinto (20 per cent)[8]
 Qatar Mesaieed 625,000 Qatalum (Qatar Aluminium Co)
 Romania Slatina 288,000 SC Alro SA Slatina
 Russia Komi Aluminium Project, Sosnogorsk, Komi Republic 1,400,000 United Company of Rusal[11] (Under Construction)
 Russia Bogoslovsk 1,100,000 100% United Company of Rusal[2]
 Russia Bratsk 1,010,000 Bratsk Aluminium Works-BrAZ
 Russia Krasnoyarsk 1,008,000 Krasnoyarsk Aluminium Works - KrAZ
 Russia Ural Aluminium Smelter, Kamensk-Uralsky, Sverdlovsk Region 750,000 United Company of Rusal[11] (United Nations 2000)
 Russia Sayanogorsk 542,000 Sayan Aluminium Works - SaAZ
 Russia Shelekhovo 415,000 Irkutsk Aluminium Works -IrkAZ
 Russia Volkhov Alumina 400,000 100% North-West Aluminium[6] (United Nations 2000)
 Russia Novokuznetsk 330,000 Novokuznetsk Aluminim Works - NAZ
 Russia Sayanogorsk II 300,000 Khakas Aluminium Works - KhAZ
 Russia Krasnoturinsk 190,000 Bogoslovsk Aluminium Works-BAZ
 Russia Bauxitogorsk 186,000 100% United Company of Rusal[2]
 Russia Volgograd 170,000 Volgograd Aluminium Works - VgAZ
 Russia Nadvoitsy 80,000 Nadvoitsy Aluminium Works - NkAZ
 Russia Kamensk 75,000 Ural Aluminium Works -UAZ
 Russia Kandalaksha 75,000 Kandalaksha Aluminium Works -KAZ
 Russia Volkhov 24,000 Volkhov Aluminium Works - VAZ
 Russia Taishet 10,000 Thaishet Aluminium Works - ThAZ
 Saudi Arabia Ras Al Khair 740,000 Ma’aden Aluminium
 Slovakia Ziar nad Hronom 160,000 Slovak Aluminium Co - Slovalco
 Slovenia Kidricevo 75,000 Talum dd Kidricevo
 South Africa Richards Bay, Hillside 720,000 Hillside Aluminium [9][10]
 South Africa Richards Bay, Bayside 100,000 Bayside Aluminium Closed[8]
 Spain San Ciprian 250,000 Alcoa Inespal -San Ciprian Works
 Spain Aviles 93,000 Alcoa Inespal- Aviles Works Pechada 02/2019
 Spain La Coru?a 87,000 Alcoa Inespal- La Coruna Works Pechada 02/2019
 Sweden Sundsvall 130,000 Kubikenborg Aluminium AB (Kubal)
 Tajikistan Tursunzoda 450,000 Tajikistan Aluminium Company (Talco)
 Turkey Seydisehir Alumina 200,000 100% Eti Holding S.A.[6] (United Nations 2000)
 Turkey Seydisehir 65,000 Eti Alüminyum Inc
 UAE Jebel Ali 1,040,000 Dubal (Dubai Aluminium Co)
 UAE Taweelah, Abu Dhabi 800,000 Emal (Emirates Aluminium) EMAL Phase II expansion fully commissioned.It increases the production to 1,3Mt/year. Shaheen Project Phase I announced.
 Ukraine Zaporozhye Aluminium Combine, Zaporozhye City 270,000 United Company of Rusal[11]
 Ukraine Zaporozhye 120,000 Zaporizhsky Alyuminievy Kominat (Zalk)
 United Kingdom Burntisland 120,000 100% Rio Tinto Alcan[6] Closed 2002
 United Kingdom Fort William 42,000 Rio Tinto Alcan - Lochaber Smelter
 USA New Madrid 280,000 Magnitude7Metals[11] previously Noranda Aluminum, now owned by Swiss-based Granges[12]
 USA Ferndale 280,000 Alcoa - Intalco Aluminum Corp. Operating at 85% capacity
 USA Newburgh 270,000 Alcoa - Warrick Operations Reopening 3 of its 5 lines 161,400 tonne - to reopen 2nd Qtr 2018[13]
 USA Hannibal 270,000 Ormet Primary Aluminum Corporation Closed
 USA Hawesville 250,000 Century Aluminum of Kentucky LLC Operating only at 40% Capacity[11]
 USA Mount Holly 224,000 Century Aluminum Operating[13]
 USA Sebree 218,000 Century Aluminum
 USA Wenatchee 184,000 Alcoa - Wenatchee Works Curtailed January 18th 2016
 USA Columbia Falls 180,000 Glencore AG (Switzerland) Closed 2009
 USA Ravenswood 180,000 Century Aluminum of West Virginia Inc. (RAC) Closed
 USA Rockdale 176,000 Alcoa - Rockdale Works Closed
 USA Goldendale 172,000 Goldendale Aluminum Co Closed 2003
 USA Massena 135,000 Alcoa - Massena Operations
 USA St. Lawrence 125,000 Alcoa - St. Lawrence Reduction Closed
 Venezuela Matanzas 448,000 CVG Venalum
 Venezuela Matanzas 170,000 Alcasa - (Aluminios del Caroni C.A.)
 Venezuela Venalum 430,000 Corporacion Venezolana de Guayana
 Vietnam Lam Dong Project 650,000 Pechiney, CAV[6]

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