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This is a list of production cars with carbon-fiber monocoque cell design.

Carbon-fiber monocoque design is commonly used in racing cars since 1980's, like Formula racing and Le Mans series prototypes. The first production car with carbon-fiber monocoque design was Bugatti EB110.[1] Now most modern sports cars and supercars have carbon-fiber monocoque cells, and some big car manufacturers have also started applying the same in passenger cars like BMW i3.[2]

Eligible cars[edit]

  • Has to have a carbon-fiber monocoque/tub.
  • Completely road-legal.
  • No fewer than 50 units have been produced by the manufacturer; limited/special edition variants are also eligible if at least 50 units have been produced.


Model Manufacturer Year of production Class Fuel engine Charger Electric motor
4C Italy Alfa Romeo 2013 Sports car 1.75L I4 Turbo -
XJR-15 United Kingdom Jaguar 1990 Supercar 6.00L V12 Turbo - 336kW
EB110 Italy Bugatti 1991 Supercar 3.5L V12 Quad-turbo - 412kW
Mclaren SLR United Kingdom Mclaren 2003 Supercar 5.4L V8 Super -
KZ1 United Kingdom Ascari 2003 Sports car 5.0L V8 (BMW) - -
One-77 United Kingdom Aston Martin 2009 Hyper Car 7.3L V12 - -
i3 Germany BMW 2013 City car 0.647L I2 (REx models) - 125kW
i8 Germany BMW 2013 Sports car 1.5L I3 Turbo 98kW
Veyron France Bugatti 2005 Hyper Car 8.0L W16 Quad-turbo 736kW
Chiron France Bugatti 2016 Hyper Car 8.0L W16 Quad-turbo 1,103kW
GT United States Ford 2017 Supercar 3.5L V6 Twin-turbo -
CC8S Sweden Koenigsegg 2002 Supercar 4.7L V8 (Ford) Supercharger -
CCR Sweden Koenigsegg 2004 Supercar 4.6L V8 (based on Ford) Twin-turbo -
CCX Sweden Koenigsegg 2005 Supercar 4.7~4.8L V8 Twin-supercharger -
Agera Sweden Koenigsegg 2011 Hyper Car 5.0L V8 Twin-turbo -
Regera Sweden Koenigsegg 2015 Hyper Car 5.0L V8 Twin-turbo 340kW (160+180)
Enzo Italy Ferrari 2002 Supercar 6.0L V12 - -
LaFerrari Italy Ferrari 2013 Hyper Car 6.3L V12 - 120kW (KERS)
Aventador Italy Lamborghini 2011 Supercar 6.5L V12 - -
LFA Japan Lexus 2010 Supercar 4.0L V10 - -
F1 United Kingdom McLaren 1992 Hyper Car 6.1L V12 (BMW) - -
12C United Kingdom McLaren 2011 Supercar 3.8L V8 Twin-turbo -
P1 United Kingdom McLaren 2013 Hyper Car 3.8L V8 Twin-turbo 131kW
650S United Kingdom McLaren 2014 Supercar 3.8L V8 Twin-turbo -
675LT United Kingdom McLaren 2016 Supercar 3.8L V8 Twin-turbo -
570S[3] United Kingdom McLaren 2016 Supercar 3.8L V8 Twin-turbo -
570 GT United Kingdom McLaren 2016 Supercar 3.8L V8 Twin-turbo -
720S United Kingdom McLaren 2017 Supercar 4.0L V8 Twin-turbo -
Senna United Kingdom McLaren 2017 Sports car 4.0L V8 Twin-turbo -
CLK-GTR Germany Mercedes-Benz 1998 Supercar 6.0L V12 -
Michelotti Pura Italy Michelotti 1988 Roadster 1.8L L4 Turbo -
Zonda Italy Pagani 1999 Hyper Car 6.0~7.3L V12 (Mercedes-Benz) - -
Huayra Italy Pagani 2011 Hyper Car 6.0 V12 (Mercedes-Benz) Twin-turbo -
Carrera GT Germany Porsche 2004 Supercar 5.7L V10 - -
918 Spyder Germany Porsche 2013 Hyper Car 4.6L V8 - 205kW
XPower SV United Kingdom MG 2004-2005 Supercar 4.6L V8 - -
Murtaya United Kingdom Murtaya 2006-2012 Kit car 2.0L B4 (Subaru) Turbo 205-290kW


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