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Ex-Baháʼís or former Baháʼís are people who have been a member of the Baháʼí Faith at some time in their lives and later disassociated from it. The following is a list of notable ex-Baháʼís who have either converted to another religion or philosophy, or became non-religious. Baháʼís who are not in good standing, having lost their administrative rights for some transgression, are not considered ex-Baháʼís.

Converted to Christianity[edit]

Converted to Islam[edit]


Lewis S. Chanler
  • Denis MacEoin (1949–2022) – British academic, Baháʼí from about 1966 to 1980, he departed after disagreements with Baháʼís, mostly due to his research.[5]
  • Alden Penner (born 1983) – Canadian musician, left in 2013 after personal differences with other Baháʼís.[6]
  • Juan Cole (born 1952) – Having converted to the Baháʼí Faith in 1972, Juan Cole resigned in 1996 and became uninterested in organized religion.[5]
  • Ahmad Kasravi (1890–1946) – Iranian lawyer and secular reformer, converted to the Baháʼí Faith and left it after a few years.[7]

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