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This list of historic monuments in Romania includes major sites from the National Register of Historic Monuments in Romania which was created between 2004 and 2005. The National Register contains 29,540 Heritage sites are entered in the National Cultural Heritage of Romania and it is maintained by the Romanian National Institute of Historical Monuments, part of the Ministry of Culture and National Patrimony Romania.

List by County[edit]

Alba County[edit]

Number LMI code Site Name Town/City Popular Name/Address Period
1 AB-I-s-A-00001 Archaeological site of Alba Iulia[1] Alba Iulia 2nd - 4th century
2 AB-I-m-A-00001.01 Legio XIII Gemina's Castrum Alba Iulia 2nd - 4th century, Roman era
3 AB-I-m-A-00001.02 Civilian settlement Alba Iulia 2nd - 4th century, Roman era
4 AB-I-s-A-00002 Ancient city of Apulum Alba Iulia Roman era
5 AB-I-s-B-00003 Inhumation and cremation necropolis Alba Iulia Podei 2nd - 3rd century, Roman era

Arad County[edit]

Argeş County[edit]

Bacău County[edit]

Bihor County[edit]

Bistriţa-Năsăud County[edit]

Botoşani County[edit]

Brăila County[edit]

Brașov County[edit]


Buzău County[edit]

Călăraşi County[edit]

Caraş-Severin County[edit]

Cluj County[edit]

Constanţa County[edit]

Covasna County[edit]

Dâmboviţa County[edit]

Dolj County[edit]

Galați County[edit]

Giurgiu County[edit]

Gorj County[edit]

Harghita County[edit]

Hunedoara County[edit]

Ialomiţa County[edit]

Iaşi County[edit]

Ilfov County[edit]

Maramureş County[edit]

Mehedinţi County[edit]

Mureş County[edit]

Neamţ County[edit]

Olt County[edit]

Prahova County[edit]

Sălaj County[edit]

Satu Mare County[edit]

Sibiu County[edit]

Suceava County[edit]

Teleorman County[edit]

Timiş County[edit]

Tulcea County[edit]

Vâlcea County[edit]

Vaslui County[edit]

Vrancea County[edit]

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