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Twelve foot skiffs under full sail on the Hamilton Reach section of the Brisbane River.
Twelve foot skiffs under full sail on the Hamilton Reach section of the Brisbane River.

This is a list of yacht clubs in Australia

Australian Capital Territory[edit]

Some yacht clubs in Australian Capital Territory

Club Location Coordinates
Canberra Yacht Club Canberra

New South Wales[edit]

Some yacht clubs in New South Wales[1]

Sydney area[edit]

Club Location Coordinates
Balmain Sailing Club Balmain, New South Wales
Cruising Yacht Club of Australia Rushcutters Bay
Lane Cove 12ft Sailing Skiff Club Longueville, New South Wales
Manly Yacht Club Manly, New South Wales
Middle Harbour Yacht Club Mosman, New South Wales
Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club Newport, New South Wales
Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron Kirribilli, New South Wales
Sydney Flying Squadron Careening Cove
Royal Motor Yacht Club Newport, New South Wales


Norfolk Island[edit]

Club Location Coordinates
Norfolk Island Sailing Club Norfolk Island

Northern Territory[edit]

Club Location Coordinates
Alice Springs Yacht Club Alice Springs
Darwin Sailing Club Darwin
Gove Yacht Club Gove Peninsula
Magnetic Island Yacht Club Magnetic Island


Some yacht clubs in Queensland[2]

Club Location Coordinates
Brisbane Eighteen Footers Sailing Club Morningside, Queensland
Cleveland Yacht Club Cleveland, Queensland
Eumundi Yacht Club Eumundi, Queensland
Gladstone Yacht Club Gladstone, Queensland
Hamilton Island Yacht Club Hamilton Island
Humpybong Yacht Club Woody Point, Queensland
Moreton Bay Boat Club Moreton Bay
Multihull Yacht Club Manly, Queensland
Newport Cruising Yacht Club Newport, Queensland
North Queensland Cruising Yacht Club Bowen, Queensland
Oxley Sailing Club Oxley, Queensland
Paradise Point Sailing Club Paradise Point, Queensland
Port Douglas Yacht Club Port Douglas
Queensland Cruising Yacht Club Balmain, New South Wales
Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron Careening Cove
Sandgate Yacht Club Sandgate, Queensland
South Brisbane Sailing Club South Brisbane, Queensland
Southport Yacht Club Southport, Queensland
Townsville Yacht Club Townsville
Whitsunday Sailing Club Whitsunday Islands
Wynnum-Manly Yacht Club Manly, Queensland

South Australia[edit]

Some yacht clubs in South Australia[3]


Some yacht clubs in Tasmania[4]

Club Location Coordinates
Bellerive Yacht Club Tasmania 42°52′27″S 147°21′57″E / 42.87417°S 147.36583°E / -42.87417; 147.36583
Burnie Yacht Club Tasmania 41°3′46″S 145°54′47″E / 41.06278°S 145.91306°E / -41.06278; 145.91306
Derwent Sailing Squadron Tasmania
Kingston Beach Sailing Club Tasmania
Leven Yacht Club Tasmania
Lindisfarne Sailing Club Tasmania
Mersey Yacht Club Tasmania
Montrose Bay Yacht Club Tasmania
Port Esperance Sailing Club Tasmania
Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania Tasmania
Sandy Bay Sailing Club Tasmania
Tamar Yacht Club Tasmania
Wynyard Yacht Club Tasmania


Some yacht clubs in Victoria[5]

Western Australia[edit]

Perth area[edit]

Club Location Coordinates
Claremont Yacht Club Claremont 31°59′19″S 115°46′46″E / 31.98861°S 115.77944°E / -31.98861; 115.77944
East Fremantle Yacht Club East Fremantle 32°01′44″S 115°46′29″E / 32.02889°S 115.77472°E / -32.02889; 115.77472
Fremantle Cruising Yacht Club Fremantle 32°03′58″S 115°44′57″E / 32.06611°S 115.74917°E / -32.06611; 115.74917
Fremantle Sailing Club Fremantle 32°04′07″S 115°44′57″E / 32.06861°S 115.74917°E / -32.06861; 115.74917
Hillarys Yacht Club Hillarys 31°49′24″S 115°44′17″E / 31.82333°S 115.73806°E / -31.82333; 115.73806
Jervoise Bay Sailing Club Munster 32°08′16″S 115°45′46″E / 32.13778°S 115.76278°E / -32.13778; 115.76278
Maylands Yacht Club Maylands 31°56′38″S 115°54′43″E / 31.94389°S 115.91194°E / -31.94389; 115.91194
Mounts Bay Sailing Club Crawley 31°59′08″S 115°49′33″E / 31.98556°S 115.82583°E / -31.98556; 115.82583
Nedlands Yacht Club Nedlands 31°59′40″S 115°48′45″E / 31.99444°S 115.81250°E / -31.99444; 115.81250
Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club Ocean Reef 31°45′41″S 115°43′39″E / 31.76139°S 115.72750°E / -31.76139; 115.72750
Ocean Reef Yacht Club Ocean Reef 31°45′41″S 115°43′39″E / 31.76139°S 115.72750°E / -31.76139; 115.72750
Perth Dinghy Sailing Club Crawley 31°58′55″S 115°49′17″E / 31.98194°S 115.82139°E / -31.98194; 115.82139
Perth Flying Squadron Yacht Club Dalkeith 32°0′03″S 115°48′36″E / 32.00083°S 115.81000°E / -32.00083; 115.81000
Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club Peppermint Grove 32°00′05″S 115°46′26″E / 32.00139°S 115.77389°E / -32.00139; 115.77389
Royal Perth Yacht Club Crawley 31°59′06″S 115°49′27″E / 31.98500°S 115.82417°E / -31.98500; 115.82417
Safety Bay Yacht Club Safety Bay 32°18′16″S 115°42′41″E / 32.30444°S 115.71139°E / -32.30444; 115.71139
Shelley Sailing Club Shelley 32°01′32″S 115°52′56″E / 32.02556°S 115.88222°E / -32.02556; 115.88222
South of Perth Yacht Club Applecross 32°0′11″S 115°50′49″E / 32.00306°S 115.84694°E / -32.00306; 115.84694
Sun City Yacht Club Two Rocks 31°29′44″S 115°34′57″E / 31.49556°S 115.58250°E / -31.49556; 115.58250
Swan Yacht Club East Fremantle 32°01′37″S 115°45′45″E / 32.02694°S 115.76250°E / -32.02694; 115.76250
The Cruising Yacht Club of Western Australia Rockingham 32°16′29″S 115°42′07″E / 32.27472°S 115.70194°E / -32.27472; 115.70194


Club Location Coordinates
Augusta Yacht Club Augusta
Broome Sailing Club[6] Broome 17°57′43″S 122°11′58″E / 17.96194°S 122.19944°E / -17.96194; 122.19944
Carnarvon Yacht Club Carnarvon 24°53′37″S 113°39′13″E / 24.89361°S 113.65361°E / -24.89361; 113.65361
Dunsborough Bay Yacht Club Dunsborough
Esperance Bay Yacht Club Esperance 33°51′38″S 121°52′45″E / 33.86056°S 121.87917°E / -33.86056; 121.87917
Exmouth Yacht Club Exmouth
Geographe Bay Yacht Club Busselton 33°39′02″S 115°19′42″E / 33.65056°S 115.32833°E / -33.65056; 115.32833
Geraldton Yacht Club Geraldton 28°46′0″S 114°36′40″E / 28.76667°S 114.61111°E / -28.76667; 114.61111
Hampton Harbour Boat & Sailing Club Dampier
Koombana Bay Sailing Club Bunbury
Mandurah Offshore Fishing & Sailing Club Mandurah 32°31′25″S 115°42′57″E / 32.52361°S 115.71583°E / -32.52361; 115.71583
Port Bouvard Yacht Club Dawesville
Port Denison Yacht Club Port Denison
Port Hedland Yacht Club Port Hedland
Princess Royal Sailing Club Albany 35°03′53″S 117°52′49″E / 35.06472°S 117.88028°E / -35.06472; 117.88028
Walpole Yacht Club Walpole

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