Love Ya

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Love Ya
Love Ya Front Cover.jpg
Studio album by the
Fullerton College Jazz Band
Released 1986 vinyl LP, 1988 CD
Recorded Fullerton College
Fullerton, California
Genre Jazz, Big band, vocal, instrumental
Length 44:02
Label Discovery Records
Trend AM-PM label
Producer Albert Marx
Fullerton College Jazz Band chronology
Love Ya
cat. # Trend AM-PM Records AMCD-17
Audio sample
"Falling In Love With Love"

Love Ya[1] is a CD released by the Fullerton College Jazz Bands and Vocal Jazz for the Discovery Records Trend AM-PM label. It was first released as a vinyl LP in 1986 and then re-released by the label on digital CD in 1988. The #1 jazz band was the winner of the 1985 International Association for Jazz Education Disneyworld Competition and the opening band for the 1985 Playboy Jazz Festival as well as being invited to play at the 1986 N.A.J.E. conference.[2][3]


In 1981 the Music Department at Fullerton College built a 16 track in house recording facility which was to serve as a teaching tool for both student music groups and students wanting to take recording technology classes at a vocational level. Love Ya is the fifth of several albums to come out of this studio to feature the award winning Fullerton College Jazz Band. The CD contains tracks from tow of the Fullerton College jazz groups: Jazz Band I and Vocal Jazz.

Albert Marx, who was the owner of Discovery Records/Trend Records AM-PM label, became very impressed with the band three years earlier and the level of the music coming from the jazz groups at Fullerton College.[4] He decided to support the younger, up and coming jazz students/players from the greater Los Angeles/Southern California region by producing certain LPs and CDs.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by various artists listed.

1."Falling In Love With Love (Rodgers/Hart, arr. Matt Catingub)"5:06
2."My One and Only Love (Mellin/Wood, arr. Roger Myers)"4:24
3."I Love You (Cole Porter, arr. Les Hooper)"3:20
4."Sunshine Of Your Love (Bruce/Brown/Clapton, arr. Mike Daigeau)"4:50
5."We're In This Love Together (Murrah/Stegall, arr. Tom Ranier)"4:25
6."If We Were In Love (Williams/Keith/Bergman, arr. James Linahon)"5:42
7."Almost Like Being in Love (Lerner/Loewe, arr. Dan Friedman)"3:30
8."Lover Man (Davis/Ramirez/Sherman, arr. Brent Pierce)"3:05
9."Can't Buy Me Love (Lennon/McCartney, arr. Dan Radlauer)"3:15
10."Goodnight My Love (Motolo/Belvin/Marascalco, arr. Charles Argersinger)"6:25
Total length:44:02

Recording sessions[edit]



  • Conductors: James Linahon and Brent Pierce
  • Sax (guest soloist): Ernie Del Fante
  • Trumpet (guest soloist): James Linahon
  • Piano (guest soloist): Tom Ranier
  • Oboe (guest soloist): Tom Shoemaker
  • Drums (guest soloist): Allen Carter
  • Saxes and woodwinds: Russell Burt, Yancey Valdez, Brent Vaughan, Dan Freidman, Rob Mader
  • Trumpets and flugelhorns: John Aranda, Glen Colby, Chris Taylor, Dave Allen and Jeff Archuleta
  • Trombones: Richard Acosta, Christine Harms, Alphonse Mosse III, Kurt Godel
  • Guitar: Jordan Woodruff
  • Piano: Brad Hurst
  • Bass: Dave Carpenter
  • Drums: Eugean Ermel, Steve Teipe
  • Vocal Jazz: Patricia Figeroa, Dorraine Metzger, Janis Swanson, Dana Lynn Gribble, Kerstin Klopsch, Doug Eash, Mark Henson, Harlan Harris, Ed McCormick, Seth Weiss, Bruce Hart



"...the band seems to delight in numbers with a light, springy tempo such as I Love You; a neat chart to feature the talents of pianist Hirst...The Fullerton College people are, like many others, keeping the spirit of big band music alive and for that they deserve our thanks..."

Jazz Journal International[5]

Professional ratings
Review scores
Cadence Magazinevery positive[6]
Jazz Journal International
United Kingdom
Tom Lord jazz discography(listing) 1993[7]
Schwann Catalogue(listing) 1989[8]


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