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Lycée Français du Caire (LFC) is the French International School in Cairo.[1] The school is operated by the Agency for French Education Abroad which runs 494 international schools worldwide.

The school's main language of instruction is French, while Arabic and English are taught in the primary, Spanish or German are taught in later years (preparatory). It is located in Maadi, just outside Cairo's borders, and it has the status of French public school for France. The school mainly gives priority to French students but Egyptian children as well as other foreigners are accepted after analysis of their family situation.

The school has over 1600 students, and programs are derived from the French educational system. About 50% of the students are French, 35% are Egyptian and 15% come from other countries. The school is also a place where students can pass the French high school test Baccalauréat. The diploma is given by the Academy of Lyon in France. The Brevet des collèges exam, is also a French test LFC students must pass. The school educates from Kindergarten to the last year of high school. The school has three specialization streams, Scientific, Economic and Literary.


LFC's laboratories


There are three primary campuses, with one each in Maadi, New Cairo City, and Zamalek. The secondary classes are held in a campus in El Merag.[2]

Sports Facilities[edit]

The school has a gymnasium with boxing and acrobatic gymnastics equipment, a football field, a volleyball/basketball one, a handball/basketball one, and also some table tennis tables. Buses allow to go to a close Olympic Stadium, where there's swimming, javelin throw, and track and field teachings.


The CDI (Centre de Documentation et d'Information), is the school library that consists of 28218 documents, which 21070 are books and 6524 are periodicals. Each can be borrowed for 2 weeks. 1 extremely old computer is also free to use for the students.


LFC's classrooms

There's approximately 50 classrooms in the school, on two levels. 43 of them are classic classrooms, numbered from 1 to 43. The ones from 1 to 19 and 32 to 43 are on the ground floor, and the others are on the first floor. The seven other classrooms are 2 informatics classes, one amphitheatre, and 4 laboratories. Each class is composed of 20 to 30 students, which is the average capacity of every classroom.

The Polyvalent Room[edit]

The Polyvalent Room is approximately a 23-meter-large, 29-meter-long room. Used principally to host students with no classes and students doing detention time. But it's also used for exams, meetings, elections, speeches and announcements, it has a theatre scene, and therefore is used by the theatre club.

Students Well-being[edit]

The School has also an infirmary, and a cafeteria. Two bus companies ensures the school trips. And security is provided by guards into the school grounds, and by armed policemen at the school's front and back door.

The School's History[edit]

Students protesting, holding up signs demanding the return of their math teacher


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