Manuel Elkin Patarroyo

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This name uses Spanish naming customs: the first or paternal family name is Patarroyo and the second or maternal family name is Murillo.
Manuel Elkin Patarroyo
Lehendakaria Manuel Patarroyo zientzialari kolonbiarrarekin elkartu da.jpg
Manuel Elkin Patarroyo is on the right
Born Manuel Elkin Patarroyo Murillo
(1946-11-03) November 3, 1946 (age 69)
Ataco, Tolima, Colombia
Education National University of Colombia (MD)
Rockefeller University (Ph.D)
Known for Malaria license
Medical career
Profession Doctor
Institutions Hospital San Juan de Dios, Bogota, National University of Colombia
Specialism Pathologist
Research Immunology
Notable prizes Prince of Asturias Awards (1994) Robert Koch Prize (1994)

Manuel Elkin Patarroyo (born November 3, 1946)[1] is a Colombian Professor of Pathology and Immunology who made the world's first attempt to create a synthetic vaccine against a parasite called the protozoa Plasmodium falciparum that causes severe malaria,[2] a disease transmitted by mosquitoes that affects millions of people and is one of the leading causes of death (~1.5 million people per year) in tropical and subtropical regions, including parts of the Americas, Asia, and Africa.

The vaccine candidate, first developed in 1987 in Colombia, was evaluated in clinical trials carried out by the WHO in Gambia, Tanzania and Thailand, and had mixed results.[3] In 2009, a comprehensive Cochrane review assessed the SPf66 as being not efficacious in Africa and Asia, and as having a low but statistically significant efficacy of 28% in South America.[4] Today, after more than 33 years of research, there is still however no licensed malaria vaccine. Researchers and vaccine developers have been working on many approaches to bring forward the availability of a malaria vaccine."[5] More research and clinical trials are required for a universal vaccine to be implemented.


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