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In 1971, the Maryland State Legislature passed the Wildlands Protection Act. Under this law, the legislature can protect certain publicly owned areas from logging or other incursions, and thus preserve them for future generations. As of December 2018, 38 Maryland Wildlands have been so designated [1].

The Maryland Wildlands Preservation System is the state's counterpart to the federal government's National Wilderness Preservation System, and consists of all those properties owned and managed by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources which are designated as State wildlands by the Maryland General Assembly. Each tract of land designated as a Maryland Wildland “overlaps” all or part of a state park, forest, wildlife management area or other DNR land unit (i.e., they are not "stand alone" units).

In all, there are 65,956 acres (266.91 km2) of Maryland Wildlands in the state [2].

List of Maryland Wildlands[edit]

Garrett County:

Allegany County:

Washington County:

Frederick County:

Frederick and Montgomery Counties:

Baltimore County:

Howard and Montgomery Counties:

Prince George's County:

Calvert County:

St. Mary's County:

Charles County:

Caroline County:

Worcester County:

Somerset County:


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