Masud Gharahkhani

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Masud Gharahkhani

Masud Gharahkhani (Persian: مسعود قره‌خانی‎; born 22 September 1982 in Tehran) is an Iranian-Norwegian politician for the Labour party from the city of Drammen.

Early life and education[edit]

Born in Tehran, Iran Masud Gharahkhani emigrated to Norway with his family in 1987 and grew up in Skotselv in Øvre Eiker. His father is politician and trade unionist Bijan Gharakhani. After attending Rosthaug senior high school, he enrolled at Gjøvik University College studying Radiography, graduating as a Radiologic technologist, and has been employed by Blefjell Hospital. He has also been employed as secretary-general for the Buskerud Labour party.

Political career[edit]

Gharahkhani was first elected as a deputy representative to the parliament in the 2009 election.[1] He received a standing ovation at the Labour Party national convention in 2011 for his speech about his journey from Tehran to Drammen.[2] Hoping to be the first mayor in Norway with a non-Western immigrant background, Gharahkani was the Labour party candidate for the mayor of Drammen in the 2011 local election. He eventually lost to popular incumbent Tore Opdal Hansen from the Conservative Party.[3] His campaign was marred by speculation in the press about his marriage to a woman in Iran. Gharahkani however blamed his opponents for attempting to smear him.[4]

Prime minister Jens Stoltenberg has called Gharahkhani "an extraordinary political talent" and "a success story in Norwegian society"[4]

Immigrant relations[edit]

In an incident where teachers at an elementary school in Drammen banned its pupils from wearing traditional Christmas costumes at an annual Christmas play, Gharahkhani publicly condemned the school for its actions and reiterated the importance of Norwegian culture and tradition in schools. When asked about his personal experiences, he explained: "I always participated in Christmas activities in school and I would recommend it to my children."[5] Commentators praised him for his openness and tolerance.[6] The head principal of the school later apologized for the affair.

A hard line supporter of immigrant integration, Gharahkhani has stated that immigrant children have to learn to speak Norwegian or risk being taken by child services, calling failing to teach children Norwegian "unacceptable parental neglect" as it was an absolute prerequisite for succeeding in the Norwegian society.[7]

Personal life[edit]

Gharahkhani married his wife Saloumeh "Sally" Abbasian in a private ceremony in Turkey in 2010 and currently live in the Åssiden neighborhood in Drammen.[4][8]


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