Mayville High School (England)

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Mayville High School
Mayville High School (England) Crest.png
  1. Excellence through Nurture
  2. Quid Bene Facis Face (What you do, do well)
  3. Co-education with a difference
Established 1897
Type Independent day school
Headteacher Mrs. Rebecca HK Parkyn
Deputy Headteacher Mrs. Sue Harden-Davies
Deputy Head Teacher (Junior School) Miss J. Lewis
Chair of Governors Mr. Michael Babcock
Founder Miss West
Location 35 St Simon's Road
England, United Kingdom
Coordinates: 50°46′57″N 1°04′53″W / 50.7824°N 1.0815°W / 50.7824; -1.0815
DfE number 851/6002
Staff 104
Students 465
Gender Co-educational
Ages 2–16
Houses 3 (Nelson (Yellow), Cavell (Blue), Austen (Green))
Colours Blue and White
Affiliation Independent Schools Association (UK)
School Hymn Chosen Way (A School Hymn)

Mayville High School is an independent co-educational day school in Southsea, Portsmouth, England.


Mayville High School was founded in the home of Miss West at 1 Gains Road and moved to several different locations before settling in its current premises. Between 1911 and 1936 the school accepted borders but they were later transferred to Charmandean Manor School in Worthing, West Sussex. In September 1936, it was reopened as a day school. During the Second World War, when Portsmouth became another victim of the German bombings, the school was one of the few which was not evacuated.In 1980 it became a charitable trust. Boys were formally admitted during the 1990s although there had already been a small number attending since the end of the War. The school is now coeducational but boys and girls are taught separately.[1]


Mayville caters to children aged 2 to 16. Junior School pupils are generally given automatic entry into the Senior School while new applicants must pass a test and an interview. The school caters to pupils of all abilities and there are specialised "units" to attend to gifted children and those with learning disabiltiies.[2]


Mayville uses general classroom teachers in the junior school and specialist teachers in the senior school, as is common practice in the United Kingdom. Alongside teachers, the school employs a range of support staff.

The staff body is led by Mrs Rachel Parkyn (Headteacher). Mrs Parkyn is also a MFL teacher. Assisting her is the Deputy Headteacher Mrs Sue Harden-Davies, also a Dyslexia Unit worker and Head of Creative Arts, and Mr Colin Morriss as Director of Studies, and also a Physics teacher.

The Assistant Headteacher for the Senior School is Mrs Gill Rickards, who is also the Head of Mathematics. Mrs Rickards is also responsible for the school's Child Protection. Also in the Senior School, Mr Timothy 'Ted' Booker is Head of Humanities, Mrs S Matthews is Head of ICT, Ms. Elaine Millward is Head of Science and Mrs Janice Hilyar is Head of English.

The Deputy Headteacher for the Junior School is Miss Jenny Lewis, the classroom teacher for Middle III (Year Five). She is assisted by the Junior School's assisted head, Mr Douglas 'Doug' Elvy.

The school as a whole has a highly respected Dyslexia Unit, which is made up of six dedicated members of staff.

The school's Early Years offering (Pre-Prep) is overseen by EYFS Manager Mrs A Prismall.

The administrative side of the school's operation is led Miss Barbara Wareham (Administative Officer) and assisted by Mrs Gill Hunter and Mrs B Magee (Administrative Assistants). Ms Jacqui Copestake is responsible for the school's PR and Mr Nick Turner for their IT.

The school also employs a site manager (Mr White), five members of kitchen staff and two minibus drivers.

Past Pupils[edit]

Lorraine Hepburn - Owner, Victory-Land Theatre School Candice Doughty - current Mayville dance teacher Sheridan Little - Former children's wear designer


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