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Single by Kumi Koda
from the album Grow into One
B-side "one"
Released December 11, 2002 (JP)
Format CD single
Genre J-pop
Length 11:46
Label Rhythm Zone
RZCD-45065 (Japan, CD)
Songwriter(s) Kenn Kato (words "Maze")
Hiroo Yamaguchi & 813 (music; "Maze")
Kumi Koda (words; "One")
Lisa (words & music; "One")
Kumi Koda singles chronology
"Love Across the Ocean"
"Real Emotion/1000 no Kotoba"
"Love Across the Ocean"
"Real Emotion/1000 no Kotoba"

"Maze" (stylized as "m•a•z•e") is Kumi Koda's sixth domestic CD single. The single charted at #25 on Oricon and stayed on the charts for five weeks.[1]


m•a•z•e is Japanese R&B singer Kumi Koda's sixth domestic single under the Avex sub-label Rhythm Zone. It charted at #25 on the Oricon Weekly charts and, despite the low charting, remained on the charts for five weeks. The single was her second single released for her studio album, grow into one.

The single's b-side, one, featured Japanese R&B singer LISA, who would later feature both Kumi and the Heartsdales in her song Switch. Both Kumi and the Heartsdales would also be featured in the music video, which carried a futuristic, but grunge-looking Tokyo.[2] one was also placed on the corresponding album, grow into one. Despite LISA being in the song, the track listing on the back covers of the single did not list her as the featured artist.[3]

Both m•a•z•e and one made it to the album grow into one, but only m•a•z•e had its own music video placed on the DVD 7 Spirits.

In 2015, thirteen years after the single's release, Kumi would perform the song one with LISA live during her 15th Anniversary Premium Live at a-nation island.[4]


m•a•z•e was used during a scene in the NTV drama Psycho Doctor (サイコドクター / SAIKODOKUTAA).[5]

Music video[edit]

The music video for m•a•z•e carried a psychological theme, with Kumi being evaluated by a male psychologist. Throughout the video, Kumi hallucinates seeing the psychologist and his assistant performing odd tasks and experiments, most likely triggered from the images she is shown - many being disturbing. At the end of the video, she is seen walking to board a plane to escape from her own psychosis.

The theme for the music video was brought on due to the song being used in the Japanese drama Psycho Doctor.

Track listing[edit]


No. Title Lyrics Music Arrangers Length
1. "m•a•z•e" Kenn Kato 813 • h-wonder Yamaguchi Hiroshi 4:06
2. "one feat. LISA" Koda Kumi • LISA Yamaki Ryuichiro LISA 3:33
3. "m•a•z•e" (L12 Remix) Kenn Kato L12 Yamaguchi Hiroshi 6:38

Chart history[edit]

  • Debut position: #25
  • Peak position: #25
  • Weeks in top 200: 4


  • First week estimate: 7,713
  • Total estimate: 12,816

Alternate versions[edit]


  1. m•a•z•e: Found on the single (2002) and corresponding album Grow Into One (2003)
  2. m•a•z•e [L12 Remix]: Found on the single (2002)
  3. m•a•z•e [UNITED COLORS Remix]: Found on Koda Kumi Driving Hit's 3 (2011)


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