Mežmuiža Manor

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Mežmuiža Manor
Zemgale, Latvia
Augstkalnes muižas pils 2000-06-23.jpg
Type Manor
Site history
Built Around 1850

Mežmuiža Manor, also called Augstkalne Manor, is a Neo-Gothic style manor house in the historical region of Zemgale, in Latvia.[1]


Restored between 1992 and 1994, Mežmuiža Manor dates back to the mid seventies of the 19th century. The first owners were the Lievens.

The main building is located a midst the mills, the gardeners, the maids, and the administrative building, situated a little away from the barns. The manor complex also includes a 12-hectare park with pillars where exotic species are grown, such as balm, the European fir, red oak, black and mountain pine. Since 1954, it has housed the Augstkalne secondary school.[2]

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