Gārsene Manor

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Gārsene Manor
Gārsene manor (1).jpg
General information
Architectural style Neo-Gothic
Town or city Aknīste municipality
Country Latvia
Construction started 1856
Completed 1860
Client von Budberg family

Gārsene Manor is a Neo-Gothic manor house located in the historical region of Selonia, in Latvia. The palace houses a museum where visitors can view an exhibition about the Baltic-German von Budberg family.


Gārsene manor was built in Neo-Gothic style for the von Budberg family around 1856 next to a rectangular courtyard. The two-story portion of the manor was built first, with a single story wing added in 1885.[1] The family owned the manor until the Latvian agrarian reforms in 1920. In 1939 the building was rebuilt after the project of the school architect Vassiliev,[1] and since 1940 it is part of the Gārsene local elementary school.[1]

An 18th century mill on the estate was remodeled with a Neo-Gothic façade in the second half of the 19th century. There is also a wide landscape park with ponds and decorative bridges adjacent to the manor. There are thirty different attractions for the visitors to see, one of which leads to the baronial family resting place adjacent to the mill.[2]

Gārsene Manor is located beyond the estate gate posts. Farm buildings are grouped around the front courtyard, there being next to the manor an old barn and stables with an arcade porch. The manor complex also has a brewery, laborers' residence and servants' quarters.[3]

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