Stende Manor

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Stende Manor
Lībagi parish, Courland, Latvia
Dižstendes muižas jaunā pils 2000-10-28.jpg
Type Manor

Stende Manor (Latvian: Stendes muižas pils), also called Dižstende Manor, is a manor house in Lībagi parish in Talsi municipality in the historical region of Courland, in western Latvia.


It was originally built as a one-story structure between 1820 and 1848.[1] A second story was added to the main building between 1848 and 1858. The manor was converted into apartments after 1925 and used so after the Second World War.[1] Stende Manor is one of the ancient Latvian and Talsi county estates, well-preserved to this day, because it is always occupied and maintained. Fragments of an earlier medieval castle can still be seen on the estate.[2]

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