Nation Party of Iran

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Nation Party
Secretary-General Khosrow Seif
Founder Dariush Forouhar
Founded 1951; 66 years ago (1951)
Split from Pan-Iranist Party[1]
Headquarters Tehran, Iran
Political position Right-wing[2]
National affiliation National Front (1951–1979)
0 / 290
Official Site

Party of the Iranian Nation or Nation Party of Iran (Persian: حزب ملت ایران‎, translit. Ḥezb-e Mellat-e Irān‎) is "a small opposition"[3] party in Iran advocating establishment of a secular democracy.[4] Although the party is technically illegal, it is tolerated inside Iran.[4]

Founded in 1951 by Dariush Forouhar, the party had a few hundred members, mostly high-school students, and was a member of National Front until Iranian Revolution, however it did not carry much weight in the leadership of the front.[1] The party proposed rebuilding Iran by regaining its lost territories, e.g. Bahrain, Afghanistan and Cacausia and its platform was based on anti-capitalism, anti-communism, anti-monarchism, anti-Semitism, anti-Bahá'ísm and anti-clericalism.[1]


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