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The most influential part of the executive of the Turkish government are the ministries.

List of ministries[edit]


1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s
Foreign Affairs (1920-)
Health (1920-)
Ministry of Interior (1920-)
National Defence (1920-)
Justice (1923-)
National Education (1923-83) National Education, Youth and Sports (1983-89) National Education (1989-)
N/A Youth and Sports (1969-83) Minister of State (Responsible for Youth and Sports) (1989-2011) Youth and Sports (2011-)
N/A European Union Affairs (2011-)
N/A Press-Publication and Tourism (1957-63) Tourism and Publicity (1963-81) Culture and Tourism (1981-89) Tourism (1989-2003) Culture and Tourism (2003-)
Culture (1971-81) Culture (1989-2003)
N/A Development (2011-)
N/A Economy (2011-)
N/A Energy and Natural Resources (1963-)
Public Works (1920-83) Public Works and Housing (1983–2011) Environment and Urban Planning (2011-)
N/A Development and Housing (1958–83)
N/A Minister of State (Responsible for Women and Family Affairs) (2003-11) Family and Social Policy (2011-)
N/A Environment (1991-2003) Environment and Forest (2003-11)
Forest and Water Management (2011-)
N/A Forestry (1960-80) Agriculture and Forestry (1980-83) Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Affairs (1983-91) Forestry (1991-2003)
Agriculture (1923-74) Food, Agriculture and Livestock (1974-80) Agriculture and Rural Affairs (1991-2011) Food, Agriculture and Livestock (2011-)
Rural Affairs (1963-74) Rural Affairs and Cooperatives (1974-83)
Finance (1923-83) Finance and Customs (1983-93) Finance (1993-)
N/A Customs and Monopoly (1931-83) Minister of State (Responsible for Customs) (1993-2011) Customs and Trade (2011-)
Trade (1924-28) Trade (1939-49) Economy and Trade (1949-60) Trade (1960-71) External Economic Affairs (1971) Trade (1971-83) Industry and Trade (1983-2011)
N/A Industry (1949-71) Industry and Technology (1971-83) Science, Industry and Technology (2011-)
N/A Labour (1946-83) Labour and Social Security (1983-)
N/A Social Security (1974-83)
N/A Transport (1939-2011) Transport, Maritime and Communication (2011-)

Former ministries[edit]

List of ministers[edit]

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