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Ministry of Infrastructure
(Міністерство інфраструктури)
Міністерство інфраструктури України.png
Emblem of the Ministry of Transport and Communications.png
Agency overview
Formed 7 December 2010
Preceding agencies
Jurisdiction  Ukraine
Headquarters 14, Victory Square,
Kyiv, Ukraine, 01135 [1]
Employees 280 (2017)
Minister responsible
  • Volodymyr Omelian[2],
    Minister of Infrastructure
Parent agency Cabinet of Ministers
Child agencies
Website Official website

The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Міністерство інфраструктури України) functions as the main executive body that controls Ukraine's transportation infrastructure including roads, trains, and communications. The department is based on the former Transport and Communications Ministry and also oversees the implementation of government tourism policies.

In December 2010, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych reorganized the former Transport and Communications Ministry into the Ministry of Infrastructure. On May 12, 2011, it was approved as its successor [3]


The Ministry comprises a central body, led by the minister, his/her first deputy, and other deputies who assist the minister. The Ministry also consists of several state administrations that specialize in certain fields and coordinate operations of government companies.

State agencies[edit]

On June 30, 2011 the State Service of Communication, State Administration of Communication (less the state owned company Ukrposhta), and the Telecommunication Systems and Information Security branch of the Security Service of Ukraine were consolidated to become the administration of State Special Communications Service of Ukraine.[4]

Headquarters of the Ministry in Kyiv

State Administration of Communication[edit]

(transferred to the State Special Communications Service of Ukraine)

  • Presa - State enterprise in distribution of periodic publications
  • State enterprise of special communication

State companies[edit]

  • Ukrposhta - Ukrainian state enterprise of postal communication

Ukrainian Sea and River Fleet[edit]

    • Izmail Sea Trade Port (MTP)
    • Yevpatoria Sea Trade Port
    • Kerch Sea Trade Port
      • State Company of Accident-Rescue and Submerged-Technical Operations (reorganized under Kerch MTP)
    • Illichivsk Sea Trade Port
    • Kherson Sea Trade Port
    • Reni Sea Trade Port
    • Berdyansk Sea Trade Port
      • Henichensk Sea Trade Port (reorganized into a transit port of Berdyansk MTP)
    • Mykolaiv Sea Trade Port
    • Specialized Sea Port "Oktyabrsk"
    • Sevastopol Sea Trade Port
    • Mariupol Sea Trade Port
      • Azov Main Sea Agency "Inflot" (reorganized under Mariupol MTP)
    • Odessa Sea Trade Port
      • State Institution "Museum of Sea Fleet" (reorganized under Odessa MTP)
    • Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky Sea Trade Port
    • Feodosia Sea Trade Port
    • Sea Trade Port "Ust-Dunaisk"
    • Sea Trade Port "Yuzhny"
    • Skadovsk Sea Trade Port
    • Yalta Sea Trade Port
    • Donuzlav Sea Tade Port (liquidation)
  • State Ship Company "Ukrainian Commerce Fleet"
  • State Ship Company "Kerch Ferry"
  • OJSC Ship Company "Sea Trident"
  • OJSC "Ukrainian Danube Steamship"
  • State Ship Company "Black Sea Steamship"
  • State Ship Company "Ukrtanker"
  • State Ship Company "Ukrainian Sea Refrigeration Transportation" (liquidation)
Regional Logistics and Support
  • Feodosia State Trade Company "Torhmortrans"
  • State Organization "Inspection in preparation and certification of sailors"
  • Ukrainian State Company in hiring of workers of sea and river transportation "Ukrcrewing"
  • Classification Association Ship Registry of Ukraine
  • State Company of Sea Telecommunications of Ukraine "Morkom"
  • Information-Analytic Center of Sea and River Transportation
  • State Company of Waterways "Ukrvodshlyakh"
  • State Company of Waterways "Ustdunaivodshlyakh"
  • Black Sea Yacht Club
  • Black Sea Main Sea Agency "Inflot"
  • Agency of Sea Security
  • State Company "Delta-Lotsman" (regional maritime pilot service)
  • State Institution "Derzhhidrohrafiya"
  • Sea Accident-Rescue Service
  • Science-Researching and Project-Constructive Institute of Sea Fleet of Ukraine with Research Production
  • State Project-Searching and Science-Researching Institute of Sea Transportation "Chornomorndiproekt"
  • State Company "Ukrtekhflot"
  • Inspection of the Main State Fleet Registry
  • Kerch Ship-Maintenance Factory
  • Ship-Maintenance Production of the Illichivsk Ship-Maintenance Factory (liquidation)
  • State Production Union "Illichivsk Ship-Maintenance Factory"
  • State Company "Ukrspetsobladnannya"
  • State Coordination Center in Search and Rescue at Sea
  • BlackSea-Azov Production-Exploiting Directory of Sea Routes
  • Administration of River Ports
  • Main State Inspection of Ukraine of Ship Security (liquidation temporarily suspended)

List of Ministers of Transportation[edit]

Name of Ministry Name of minister Term of Office
Start End
Ministry of Transportation Orest Klympush March 1992 July 1994
Ivan Dankevych July 1995 May 1997
Mykola Kruhlov May 23, 1997 July 17, 1997
Valeriy Cherep August 11, 1997 April 1998
Ivan Dankevych August 7, 1998 October 5, 1999
Leonid Kostyuchenko 1999 May 2001
Valeriy Pustovoitenko June 9, 2001 April 30, 2002
Heorhiy Kirpa May 2002 July 24, 2004
Ministry of Transportation
and Communication
Heorhiy Kirpa July 24, 2004 December 27, 2004
Yevhen Chervonenko February 2005 September 2005
Viktor Bondar September 2005 September 2006
Mykola Rudkovsky August 4, 2006 2007
Yosyp Vinsky December 18, 2007 June 23, 2009
Kostyantyn Yefymenko March 11, 2010 December 9, 2010
Ministry of Infrastructure Borys Kolesnikov December 9, 2010 24 December 2012
Volodymyr Kozak 24 December 2012 27 February 2014
Maksym Burbak 27 February 2014 2 December 2014
Andriy Pyvovarsky 2 December 2014 14 April 2016[2]
Volodymyr Omelyan 14 April 2016[2] Present

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