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Ministry of Healthcare (Міністерство охорони здоров'я)
Emblem of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.svg
Logo Ministry of Hearlth
Agency overview
Formed 1991
Jurisdiction Ukraine
Headquarters 7, M. Hrushevsky
street, Kiev, 01601[1]
Annual budget 26.54 (2018)
Agency executive
Parent agency Cabinet of Ministers
Child agencies
  • State Nursing and Epidemiological Service
  • State Service for Medications
  • State Drugs Control Service
  • State Service of HIV/AIDS and socially dangerous illnesses
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The Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Міністерство охорони здоров'я України, МОЗ) is the main healthcare body in the system of central government. It is based on former Ministries of Healthcare. Naturalized Ukrainian American Ulana Suprun[3] was appointed acting Minister on 27 July 2016.[2] On 11 July 2015 President Petro Poroshenko conferred Suprun citizenship.[4][5]


The ministry consists of the central body headed the Minister of Healthcare and deputies to assist the minister. Ministry deputies elect several state healthcare administrations employee that specialize in certain field and coordinate operation of the government companies.

Current Minister and deputies[edit]

Ulana Suprun – Minister
Roman Ilyk – Deputy Minister
Pavlo Kovtoniuk – Deputy Minister
Oleksandr Linchevskii – Deputy Minister
Oksana Syvak – Deputy Minister on European Integration[6][7]


Medical department[edit]

  • Office of medical care for mothers and children
  • Office of medical care for adults
  • Office of medical and social care[8]

Department of emergency medical care and disaster medicine[edit]

Tetiana Timoshenko – Head of department

  • Section of prehospital and hospital emergency medical care
  • Section of coordination and providing medical care during anti-terrorist operations, emergency and martial law[8]

Department of public health[edit]

Natalia Piven – Head of department[7]

Department of reform centers coordination[edit]

  • Section of state policy in the sphere of reforms
  • Section of monitoring, electronic systematization and information security[8]

Child agencies[edit]

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