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Ghana Standards Board
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Agency overview
Formed 1973
Jurisdiction Ghana
Headquarters  Ghana
Website Official website

The Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) formerly Ghana Standards Board (GSB) is a Government of Ghana agency responsible for the maintenance of acceptable standards for product and services and sound management practices in industries and public institutions in Ghana.[1][2]


The Ghana Standards Authority the a Board was set up in 1973 by NRC Decree, 173.[3] The body was established by the Standards Decree, 1967 (NLCD 199) which has been superseded by the Standards Decree, 1973 (NRCD 173). The Authority is also the custodian of the Weights and Measures Decree (NRCD 326, 1975).[4]


The board's functions are:[3]

  • to establish and promote standards for the manufacturing of high quality goods and services in Ghana.
  • to improve the levels of standard in industry and commerce.
  • to promote productivity and efficiency in work places
  • to promote standards in public health, safety and welfare for consumers of various goods and services.


The following divisions are under the Ghana Standards Authority:

  • Metrology
  • Standards
  • Testing
  • Certification
  • Inspectorate
  • Administration & Organizational Dev.
  • Finance & Corporate Planning.[5]

The Authority uses four strategies in performing its functions namely: Metrology, Standards, Testing and Quality Assurance (MSTQ). The Ghana Standards Board's function in industry include the development of standards, certification of systems used in industries. It also certifies products and runs test training for industries to promote compliance of industries to the set standard's of the board.[3] The board reviews industry conformity to regulations and calibrates weighing and measuring instruments such as fuel pumps. The board performs physical analysis of products before they can be sold.[6]

Regional offices[edit]

The board operates a decentralized system for effective monitoring and supervision, allowing it to operate at a regional level. There are seven regional board offices:[3]

Inspection entry point[edit]

The board promotes product safety by monitoring all goods that are imported to and exported from the country. There are six entry official entry points into Ghana, each of which is staffed by GSB personnel:[7]


The Ghana Standards Authority takes part in international and regional standardization activities and is currently a Participating member in seventeen ISO Technical Committees and sub-committees. It also has observer member status in two ISO technical Committees.[8] It is affiliated to the following institutions:

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