Miss India Worldwide

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Miss India Worldwide
Formation1990; 33 years ago (1990)
FounderDharmatma Saran[1]
Founded atNew York City, United States
TypeBeauty Pageant
HeadquartersNew York City
  • United States
Official language
Dharmatma Saran
Key people
Monica Gill
Parent organization
Dharmatma Saran, Worldwide Pageants [1]
WebsiteOfficial Website

Miss India Worldwide is a beauty pageant which draws contestants from India and from among members of the Indian diaspora residing in other countries.[2] It is conducted by India Festival Committee (IFC), first founded and headed by Dharmatma Saran in New York City, USA.[1]


The pageant started in 1990. Simi Chaddha (now Dr. Simi Chaddha Ranajee) from the United States was crowned the first ever Miss India Worldwide in New York City. Simi was the winner of Miss India USA pageant of the year 1990. The pageant was held in the United States till 1996. In 1997, the pageant was hosted in India. Poonam Chibber of Canada became the first Miss India Worldwide winner to get crowned outside the United States. It was the first time that the pageant moved out its home turf and held in the Asian continent. The very next year in 1998 the pageant moved to the South east region of Asia and was held in Singapore. Once again, Canada's representative Melissa Bhagat was crowned the Miss India Worldwide 1998 by outgoing titleholder Poonam Chibber of Canada as well, giving Canada a rare back to back victory at the pageant. Canada is one of the three countries to have a back to back victory. Other two being USA and UK.

The pageant moved back to the United States in 2000 and was held in Florida. Rita Upadhyay of the United States was crowned Miss India Worldwide 2000 and became the fourth woman from the United States to win the crown.

Notable Miss India Worldwide Participants[edit]

Past pageant participants include Bollywood actress Pallavi Sharda (Miss India Australia 2010), media personality and television host Amin Dhillon (Miss India Worldwide Canada 2010), Indian television actress Uppekha Jain (Miss India Worldwide Canada 2008)


Year Country Miss India Worldwide National Title City Country Notes
1990  United States Simmi Chadha Miss India USA New York City United States
1991  United States Bela Bajaria Miss India USA Bajaria would go on to become an executive at Universal Television.[3]
1992  United States Icha Singh Miss India USA
1994  India Karminder Kaur Virk Miss India Worldwide India The first of five wins for a Miss India Worldwide India titleholder. This was the first year in which Hong Kong sent a delegate to the worldwide pageant, Puja Venkataraman who was Miss India Hong Kong winner, which was held in New York City; local businessman Hari Harilela was one of the judges.
1995  Hong Kong Nirupama Anand Miss India Hong Kong First winner from Hong Kong.[4][5]
1996  India Sandhya Chib Miss India Worldwide India Also became a semi-finalist in Miss Universe 1996[6]
1997  Canada Poonam Chibber Miss India Canada Mumbai India The first win by a Miss India Worldwide Canada titleholder. Chibber would go on to become a Bollywood actress.[7][8]
1998  Canada Melissa Bhagat Miss India Canada Singapore Singapore Bhagat went on to work for the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada under Minister Jason Kenney.[9][10]
1999  India Aarti Chabria Miss India Worldwide India Rahway, New Jersey United States Third winner from India[11]
2000  United States Rita Upadhyay Miss India USA Tampa, Florida Held in November 2000. Upadhyay was age 23 and a New York-based staff writer for Time magazine then.[12]
2001  South Africa Sarika Sukhdeo Miss India South Africa San Jose,California Originally scheduled to be held in Durban, South Africa, it was later delayed until March 2002 and moved to San Jose, California. Nevertheless, Sarika Sukhdeo of Durban garnered the first win for a Miss India Worldwide South Africa titleholder after ten years of South African delegates to the worldwide pageant.[13][14][15]
2002  United Arab Emirates Santripti Vellody Miss India UAE Durban South Africa First winner from UAE. Held in November 2002[16][17]
2003  India Purva Merchant Miss India Worldwide India San Francisco, California United States Held in September 2003[18][19]
2005  United Kingdom Amrita Hunjan Miss India UK Mumbai India Held in February 2005; the fourteenth edition of the Miss India Worldwide pageant.[20][21]
2006  United States Trina Chakravarty Miss India USA [22]
2007  Suriname Fareisa Joemmanbaks Miss India Suriname Fords, New Jersey United States Held in April 2007. Joemmanbaks would later go on to a career in Mollywood.[23][24]
2008  India Shagun Sarabhai Miss India South Africa Johannesburg South Africa Held in February 2008. Prizes included $5,000 in cash, jewellery, clothing, and a notebook computer.[25]
2009  United States Nikkitasha Marwaha Miss India USA Durban Held in February 2009. Marwaha was age 20 and a drama student at the time. She went on to star in the Indian television series 24.[26][27]
2010  South Africa Kajal Lutchminarian Miss India South Africa Held in March 2010. Lutchminarian was age 21 and a medical student at the time.[28]
2011  Australia Ankita Ghazan Miss India Australia Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Held in May 2011; the twentieth edition of the pageant. Ghazan was age 19 and a university student at the time.[29][30]
2012  Guyana Alana Seebarran Miss India Guyana Paramaribo Suriname Held in February 2012. Following her crowning, Seebarran had various conflicts with the organisers, and was not invited to the following year's pageant in Malaysia to crown the new winner.[31][32]
2013  United Kingdom Nehal Bhogaita Miss India UK Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Held in May 2013. Bhogaita was the first deaf contestant in the pageant's history.[33]
2014  United States Monica Gill Miss India USA Dubai United Arab Emirates Held in June 2014. Prizes included $8,000 in cash, as well as photo assignments and modelling sessions.[34][35]
2015  Oman Stephanie Lohale Miss India Oman Mumbai India First winner from Oman. Pageant held in September 2015.[36][37]
2016  United States Karina Kohli Miss India USA New Jersey United States
2017  United States Madhu Valli Miss India USA Pageant held in October, 2017. Winner is a student of criminal law and a hip hop artist from USA.[38]
2018  United States Shree Saini Miss India USA Washington Pageant held in December, 2018. Shree is a pacemaker patient and a graduate from University of Washington, who studied at Harvard, Yale and Stanford. She won the "Best Titleholder" award from the pageant community for her endless service work with hundreds of charities.[39]
2019  Oman Tanishq Sharma Miss India Oman India India Pageant held in December, 2019.
2022  United States Khushi Patel Miss India USA New Jersey United States Pageant held in June, 2022.[40]


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