Montana Women's Prison

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Montana Women's Prison
LocationBillings, Montana
Coordinates45°46′30″N 108°29′45″W / 45.77500°N 108.49583°W / 45.77500; -108.49583Coordinates: 45°46′30″N 108°29′45″W / 45.77500°N 108.49583°W / 45.77500; -108.49583
Population220 (as of 2018)
Managed byMontana Department of Corrections
DirectorBrian Gootkin
GovernorGreg Gianforte
WardenJennie Hansen

The Montana Women's Prison is located in Billings, Montana, United States. It houses roughly 220 female prisoners.[1] The warden is Jennie Hansen[citation needed].[2]


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