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Morphic is a graphics system which uses graphical objects called Morphs for simplified GUI-building which allow for a great degree of flexibility and dynamism.


Morphic was originally developed by Randy Smith and John Maloney for the Self programming language, but later rewritten in Squeak.[1]


Morphic is used in Lively Kernel, a web programming environment under MIT License (originally developed by Sun Microsystems) which is written in JavaScript and HTML5 / Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). On a higher abstraction level Morphic is also used in the enterprise performance management toolkit of doCOUNT, based on Ruby on Rails. In order to serve as basis for the Snap!(formerly BYOB), a Morphic environment called Morphic.js[2] was written in JavaScript by Jens Mönig using only the HTML5 Canvas APIs. Morphic is the basis for the standard user interface of Squeak and Pharo Smalltalk.

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