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Mr Methane
Pseudonym Mr Methane
Birth name Paul Oldfield
Born 1963
Medium Performance fart
Nationality British
Years active 1991–present
Genres Speciality act

Paul Oldfield, better known by his stage name Mr Methane, is a British flatulist or 'professional farter' who started performing in 1991.[1] He briefly retired in 2006 but restarted in mid-2007. He claims to be the only performing farter in the world.[2] He worked on the railways before focusing on his flatulence performances.


According to When Will I Be Famous? (2003), a BBC book on British variety acts, Oldfield discovered his ability at the age of fifteen when practising yoga. The next day he performed twenty rapid-fire rasping farts in under a minute for a group of his friends. It became so popular he made it into a regular event.

In the late 1980s, Oldfield turned professional, performing as an opening act for the Macclesfield-based bands The Screaming Beavers and The Macc Lads. The latter wrote a song about him on their album The Beer Necessities. Oldfield subsequently travelled to New York City in the United States, where he appeared as a guest on the Howard Stern Show as the "British Blaster". While in New York, Mr Methane also performed a series of farts on Broadway.

In his autobiography, English comic Frank Skinner talks about the time that Phil Spector, while receiving a lifetime music award, went into a rant live on Australian TV about a duet of Da Do Ron Ron that Skinner had sung with Mr Methane on his BBC1 Chat Show. Spector said that Methane and Skinner had taken his work of art and desecrated it.[3]

In the 1990s Mr Methane produced a parody of the Phil Collins Song "In The Air Tonight" titled "Curry In the Air Tonight." Tony Smith, the business manager to Phil Collins, refused to let Mr Methane release his parody version, stating that, "This is a very serious song and we cannot see any reason for it to be taken so lightly." Letters between the two parties were reproduced on The Smoking Gun Website.[4]

In July 2004, Q magazine voted Mr Methane's album mr the second most bizarre album ever released in a Q special edition titled "The 150 Greatest Rock Lists Ever".

In 2009 Oldfield auditioned for Britain's Got Talent, where he announced his intention to "put the art into fart",[5] but failed to make it through to the live finals, after being "buzzed" out by all three judges — despite two of them, Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden, laughing uncontrollably — and received negative reaction from some of the audience — other audience members are visibly seen to be in hysterics — in less than two minutes during his flatulist performance of the Blue Danube waltz, with Simon Cowell calling him "a disgusting creature". That same year, Mr Methane also auditioned for Das Supertalent in Germany, but was eliminated in the semi-finals.

July 2014 saw Mr Methane release a Fart App for Android devices. The app had originally been developed in 2010, for the iPhone, but was rejected by Apple. Two versions are now available on Google Play, the "full" version, and a feature-limited "free" version.


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