Nón quai thao

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Woman in áo tứ thân dress with nón quai thao hat

The Ba tầm (nón "hat" quai "strap" thao "tassels") is a traditional Vietnamese flat palm hat.[1] It is also called the nón ba tầm, (hat of three cubits), and should be distinguished from the conical nón lá hat.

Nón quai thao was worn in traditional Vietnam by women, as an accessory to finer garments, as opposed to the more functional clothes associated with farm work. Until the early 20th century, this hat was widespread in Northern Vietnam.

The hat, when worn by mediums, traditionally had silver ornaments hanging from silk strings around the brim.[2] Another name for the hat is nón thúng.[3]

Nón quai thao on the doorsteps of a temple


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