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Srinivasan Natarajan
Artist N.Srinivasan.jpg
Life is Art, Art is Life
Born (1972-01-24) 24 January 1972 (age 43)[1]
RajaMannarkudi , Thanjavur district, Tamil Nadu, India  IND
Nationality Indian
Occupation Artist
Known for Digital Paintings
Spouse(s) Jayanthi
Children Arunmozhithevan
  • Natarajan
  • Chandra
Website www.artistsrinivasan.com

N.Srinivasan is an award-winning and pioneering digital artist in the fields of art and architecture. He melds technology and traditional subject matter with his personalized modern symbols and descriptions to mark his insignia as individualist.

Early life and Education[edit]

He was born in saivite family in a small Thanjavur village, Rajamannarkudi. In early days, a rich artistic tradition of his village, Rajamannarkudi, formed his daily diet of visual education.[2] Culture and artistic ritual of his native village is now integral to his identity.He studied at Government College of Arts and Crafts, Chennai[3] and completed his B.F.A (Five years Integrated course in Painting, Under the faculty of Engineering, University of Madras).He also has obtained M.A., M.Phil., in Public Administration.

Artistic career[edit]

He has made a conscious move from traditional tools for expressing his emotions and sentiments by engaging with digital technology. According to art critic Anjali Sircar,[4] N.Srinivasan breaks all the rules by Mixing software and programming languages to create line, color, Texture, light and space. He studied Saiva Siddhanta for three years at the Thiruvaduthurai Mutt[5] and obtained the title "siddantha Ratnam". He adds philosophic preferences and welfares from Saiva sidhantha to his painstaking artistic creations.His works have been showcased as drawings, digital prints, installations, videos and three-dimensional sculptures.He says, "Each work of art takes minimum of 250 to 450 man hours to create and is an intense and laborious process".Srinivasan created the unique colours : Java Green, Sriblue, 369Red,KurinjiViolet and CholaBrown.,
He works at School of Architecture and Planning,Anna University,Chennai.[6] He has participated in many National Painting Camps[7] such as Workshop on Non Toxic and Safe Etching Process from 13 to 16 September 2005 at Lalit Kala Akademi Chennai by Ms.Chayo De Chevez, the American Print Maker.

Art Shows[edit]

  • Art Exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai 4 to 10 May 2015[8][9]
  • He has acted as Curator for Tsunami Art Exhibition by NSS Students of 230 Engineering Colleges at Anna University Chennai on 13.09.2005.[10]
  • Thane art show by Vikatan in 2012[11]
  • Art Show at Hyderabad-2005[12]
  • Art show in Lakshana art Galley - 2008[13]
  • Art Ehibition at Chennai - 2010[14]
  • Chennai art in the age of Globalisation- byAshrafi S.Baghat - 2009[15]
  • Gallery at SriParvati[16]
  • Middle Order - Art Exhibition at Gallery sriParvati - 2010[17]
  • Abstraction - Art Show in Coimbatore - 2012[18]
  • Vinnyasa Premier Art Gallery’s ‘Access Art’ show -2008 [19]
  • Lakshana Art Gallery in 2008[20]
  • Artworks at top selling artistic painting portal[21]
  • Group shows [23]


The Artist's works are available at:

  • Lakshna Art Gallery, Chennai.
  • Tamil Nadu House, New Delhi.
  • Public Works Department, Government of Tamil Nadu.
  • Anna University, Chennai.
  • The Artist's design at the front cover of Frontline September 2014 magazine - commemorative issue Chennai at 375 [24]

Reviews and articles[edit]

Many reviews and articles are published about the artistic works, on N.Srinivasan  :

  • Unchanged Heroes – Vaishnavi Ramanathan (freelance writer and researcher)[25]
  • Digital Visual Fare: The Artistic Trajectory of N.Srinivasan – Dr.Ashrafi S.Bhagat(Art historian,art critic and author – Dept of Fine Arts, stella Mary’s college)[26]
  • Negotiating memories roots and identity – Dr.Ashrafi S.Bhagat [27]
  • Nostalgic Lines – Lakshmi Venkatraman
  • Into the Digital World of Art – Venkat Swaminathan(Art Critic)[28]
  • The Pixels and Paint of Love – Anjalai Sircar(Art Critic)
  • Outside the Mainstream – Anjalai Sircar
  • Nirangalaal Ezhuthiya Kavithaigal – Pavannan(writer)[29]
  • Digital Sithirangal - Venkat Swaminathan
  • Oru Pudhiya Varugai Pudhiya kalaiporuludan - Venkat Swaminathan
  • Thonmangalai digital vazhi meetedukkum kalaignan – Ravi Subramanian(Writer)
  • Untitled - Dr.K.R.Sitalakshmi(Professor,School of Architecture and Planning,Anna University)
  • In the abstraction of life - ChitraMahesh (Writer/Critic, Arts and Culture, Chennai)


  • Kalaimamani, the most prestigious Tamil Nadu State Government Award in 2009.
    The kalaimamani award, instituted by The Tamil Nadu Iyal Isai Nataka Manram,[30] is conferred on N.Srinivasan, the performing artist with lasting contribution, popularity and merit of the art discipline of Painting in the year 2009, for his outstanding achievements in the field of Digital Painting.[31][32] He is the only person to have received kalimamani award in the field of Painting.[33]


He is interested in Tamil writings.

  • Two Tamil books (Tamil Poems - Minpura Kavithaikal, Braille - yil uriayum nagaram) were published by him through his MeiPorul Publications, and the books were released by His Excellency DR.K.Rosaiah, Governor of Tamil Nadu at Raj Bhavan, Chennai (20.12.2014). The first copy of the book Minpura Kavithaikal was received by Thiru Ramesh Chand Meena, IAS, Secretary to Governor.[34][35]
  • He is recording his views continuously in Tamil.[36]
  • He is instrumental in publishing the Tamil little magazine, Mei Porul [37] which focuses on art and aesthetics related issues.
  • NAMMODUTHAN PESUGIRARGAL co-authored by N.Srinivasan [38]
  • N.Srinivasan, as an author in the Literary e-journal: Muse India Issue 48 March–April 2013 ISSN 0975-1815[39]
  • About an article written by N.Srinivasan in Pudhiya paarvai[40]
  • Recently the artist has joined in Kanaiyazhi, fifty years old monthly Tamil Literary magazine, as a member of Authors.[41]

Selective positions[edit]

  • Treasurer for Alumni association of the 155 year old College of Fine Art Chennai, from 2006 to till date.
  • School Pupil Leader for 2300 Students in Government Higher Secondary School, Vaiteesvaran Kovil, Tamil Nadu during 1990-1991.
  • Narayanaswami Chettiyar Gold Medal for Performing Art.
  • Performing Artist from 1974 to 1980.
  • He has received NSS Programme Officer Special Award for the year 2004.


In 2005, Srinivasan had a vision about starting a university for fine arts and he wrote about this in the Tamil magazine Amuthasurabhi.[42] This vision became reality, as the Tamil Nadu government has announced the start up of the new Tamil Nadu Music and Fine Arts University in November 2013.[43] The artist has expressed his concern about the ancient rock arts that are extinct in villupuram district and he has started a Council to protect the wrangling archeological arts with three of his friends.(Page number 8 and 9 in in Vasantham 5.8.2013 edition, a supplementary Tamil magazine with the Tamil Daily Dinakaran ) [44]


He is a life member in the Indian Society for Technical Education,[45] the south zone cultural centre Thanjavur,[46] the Bombay Art Society Mumbai,[47] and the Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai.[48]


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