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NHL Radio
Other names NHL Game of the Week[1]
Genre Sports
Running time 180 minutes or until game ends
Country of origin  United States,  Canada
Language(s) English
Created by Westwood One
Recording studio The site of the games
Original release 1993 – present
Audio format Stereophonic sound
Website http://www.westwoodone.com/stationfinder?programID=361

NHL Radio is the official national radio broadcaster of the National Hockey League, covering the Stanley Cup Finals, both Conference Finals, selected early round playoff action, the All-Star Game, the NHL Winter Classic and a selected number of regular-season games. The package is distributed by Westwood One[2] and premiered in the 1993-94 season. This arrangement lasted through the end of the 2007-08 season[3] until it was relaunched for the 2016 Stanley Cup Finals, through the network's NBC Sports Radio service.[4] The contract was continued for the 2016-17 season with a playoff game of the week, both conference finals, the Stanley Cup finals, the Winter Classic and select regular season games being added. [5]

NHL Radio's blackout rules[edit]

Within 75 miles of a team's home arena, only stations the team or its flagship station contracts with can carry those games, regardless if the team is home or away. Thus, any competing station that carries Westwood One broadcasts cannot air those games.

Unlike Westwood One's NFL coverage, there are currently no blackout restrictions on internet streaming of NHL games, with the games being streamed on NBC Sports Radio's website and on apps such as TuneIn.


Stanley Cup Finals commentating crews[edit]

Year Play-by-play Color commentator(s) Ice Level Reporter
2017 Kenny Albert Joe Micheletti Ray Ferraro
2016 Kenny Albert Joe Micheletti Darren Eliot
2008 Sam Rosen Bill Clement
2007 Sam Rosen Darren Pang
2006 Sam Rosen Darren Eliot
2005 Canceled due to 2004–05 NHL lockout.
2004 Sam Rosen Ed Olczyk
2003 Sam Rosen Ed Olczyk
2002 Sam Rosen Gary Green & Darren Eliot
2001 Sam Rosen Gary Green
2000 Sam Rosen Gary Green
1999 Sam Rosen Gary Green
1998 Sam Rosen Gary Green Sean Grande
1997 Sam Rosen Gary Green Doug Brown & Sean Grande
1996 Sam Rosen Gary Green Doug Brown & Sean Grande
1995 Kenny Albert Gary Green Doug Brown
1994 Kenny Albert Sherry Ross Doug Brown


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