1973 Stanley Cup Finals

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1973 Stanley Cup Finals
1 2 3 4 5 6 Total
Montreal Canadiens 8 4 4 4 7 6 4
Chicago Black Hawks 3 1 7 0 8 4 2
Location(s) Montreal, QC (Montreal Forum) (1,2,5)
Chicago, IL (Chicago Stadium) (3,4,6)
Coaches Montreal: Scotty Bowman
Chicago: Bill Reay
Captains Montreal: Henri Richard
Chicago: Vacant
Dates April 29 – May 10, 1973
MVP Yvan Cournoyer
Series-winning goal Yvan Cournoyer (8:13, third, G6)

The 1973 Stanley Cup Final NHL championship series was contested by the Chicago Black Hawks and the Montreal Canadiens, a rematch of the 1971 championship series. The Canadiens would win the best-of-seven series four games to two.

Paths to the final[edit]

Chicago defeated the St. Louis Blues 4–1 and the New York Rangers 4–1 to advance to the final.

Montreal defeated the Buffalo Sabres 4–2 and the Philadelphia Flyers 4–1 to set up an "Original Six" final.

The series[edit]

Yvan Cournoyer and Jacques Lemaire would both have 12 points in the finals for the Canadiens, with the Conn Smythe going to Cournoyer, who had six goals. It was Henri Richard's eleventh win of the Stanley Cup and Scotty Bowman's first.

Date Visitors Score Home Score Notes
April 29 Chicago 3 Montreal 8
May 1 Chicago 1 Montreal 4
May 3 Montreal 4 Chicago 7
May 6 Montreal 4 Chicago 0
May 8 Chicago 8 Montreal 7
May 10 Montreal 6 Chicago 4

Montreal wins the series 4–2.

Montreal Canadiens 1973 Stanley Cup champions[edit]


  Coaching and administrative staff

Stanley Cup engraving

  • Murray Wilson's name was misspelled in 1973, 1976, 1977 as MURRY WILSON missing an "A". Murray Wilson was spelled correctly on the Stanley Cup in 1978. Wilson's name was also spelled correctly all 4 times on the Replica Cup.
  • ^ Assistant Manager were not included on the Stanley Cup, but qualified to be on it.
  • On the Replica Stanley Cup created in 1992–93 Bob Murdoch's name was spelled BOB MURDOCK with a "K" instead of a "H". His name was correct on the original engraving in 1973.
  • #30 Wayne Thomas (G), #3 Dale Hodgson (D) – were included on the team picture, but did not play enough games to get their name on the Stanley Cup.

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