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This article is about the station in Vancouver. For the station in Nanaimo, British Columbia, see Nanaimo railway station.
SkyTrain station
Nanaimo stn.jpg
Location 2450 East 24th Avenue, Vancouver
Coordinates 49°14′53″N 123°03′20″W / 49.248184°N 123.05564°W / 49.248184; -123.05564Coordinates: 49°14′53″N 123°03′20″W / 49.248184°N 123.05564°W / 49.248184; -123.05564
Owned by BC Transit, TransLink
Platforms Side platforms
Tracks 2
Structure type Partially elevated and at-grade
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Station code NA
Fare zone 1
Opened December 11, 1985
Passengers (2011[1]) 13,148
Preceding station   TransLink   Following station
toward Waterfront
Expo Line
toward King George
Expo Line

Nanaimo station of the SkyTrain system is an elevated railway station located on the Expo Line in East Vancouver.

The station is accessible from the east side of Nanaimo Street at Vanness Avenue. It is located on the crest of a hill, providing all riders a wonderful view of Downtown and the west side of Vancouver. Just east of this station, the Skytrain line runs at grade level. Most of the Skytrain line through the next three stations (from Nanaimo, through 29th Avenue, to Joyce) is located at ground level.

The Nanaimo station was built in 1985 as part of the original Expo Line, and is a connection point for a number of TransLink bus routes in East Vancouver.

This station marks the farthest west station on the Expo Line that sits atop the old British Columbia Electric Railway Central Park Line; this line ran from just west of Nanaimo Station all the way to where the current New Westminster Station is located. The station takes its name from the street it is on, which in turn, is named after the city of Nanaimo, British Columbia, located on Vancouver Island.

Bus service[edit]

Bus bay assignments;[2]
1 - Unloading
2 - 25 Brentwood Station
3 - 25 UBC
4 - 7 Dunbar


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