Niobium(V) fluoride

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Niobium(V) fluoride
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IUPAC names
Niobium(V) fluoride
Niobium pentafluoride
ECHA InfoCard 100.029.109
Molar mass 187.898 g/mol
Appearance colorless monoclinic crystals
Density 3.293 g/cm3
Melting point 72 to 73 °C (162 to 163 °F; 345 to 346 K)
Boiling point 236 °C (457 °F; 509 K)
Solubility slightly soluble in chloroform, carbon disulfide, sulfuric acid
Flash point Non-flammable
Related compounds
Other anions
Niobium(V) chloride
Niobium(V) bromide
Niobium(V) iodide
Other cations
Vanadium(V) fluoride
Tantalum(V) fluoride
Related niobium fluorides
Niobium(III) fluoride
Niobium(IV) fluoride
Except where otherwise noted, data are given for materials in their standard state (at 25 °C [77 °F], 100 kPa).
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Niobium(V) fluoride, also known as niobium pentafluoride, is a colorless crystalline solid often used as a starting material in niobium chemistry.


Niobium pentafluoride is obtained as an intermediate during the recovery of niobium metal from its ores. It also can be prepared by direct fluorination of niobium metal at 250 to 300 °C, either by fluorine gas or anhydrous hydrofluoric acid. The pentafluoride vapors are condensed in a pyrex or quartz tube from which it is sublimed at 120 °C under vacuum and collected as colorless crystals.

Also, niobium pentafluoride can be prepared by the reaction of fluorine with niobium pentachloride:

2NbCl5 + 5F2 → 2NbF5 + 5Cl2

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