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NORN9 Limitied Edition.jpg
The limited edition of Norn9 featuring the male protagonists.
NORN9 ノルン+ノネット
(NORN9 Norun+Nonetto)
Developer Otomate
Publisher Idea Factory
Genre Otome game
Platform PlayStation Portable
Released May 30, 2013
Norn9: Var Commons
Developer Otomate
Genre Otome game
Platform PlayStation Vita
  • JP: December 11, 2014
  • NA: November 3, 2015
  • EU: 2015
Norn9: Last Era
Developer Otomate
Publisher Idea Factory
Genre Otome game
Platform PlayStation Vita
Released April 2, 2015
Anime television series
Directed by Takao Abo
Produced by Mitsutoshi Ogura
Written by Natsuko Takahashi
Music by Kevin Penkin
Studio Kinema Citrus, Orange
Licensed by
Original network AT-X, Tokyo MX, BS11, SUN
English network
Original run January 7, 2016March 31, 2016
Episodes 12 (List of episodes)
Norn9: Act Tune
Developer Otomate
Publisher Idea Factory
Genre Otome game
Platform PlayStation Vita
Released 2016
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Norn9 (NORN9 ノルン+ノネット, Norn9 Norun+Nonetto) is an otome game for PlayStation Portable. It was developed by Otomate and published by Idea Factory. The game was originally going to be launched on May 23, 2013, but its release was delayed one week. A PlayStation Vita port, entitled Norn9: Var Commons, was released on December 11, 2014.[3] A fandisk titled Norn9: Last Era has been announced and was released on April 2, 2015. On March 2, 2014, it was announced that an anime adaptation was in the works.[4] The anime ran from January 7 to March 31, 2016.[5][6]


The story takes place a little in the future. Guided by one particular song, young elementary-schooler Sorata Suzuhara, from the Heisei Everyra, is warped through a time skip to an unfamiliar place that looks much like the towns from the Meiji or Taishō period from his textbooks. In this world, he meets three heroines and nine heroes and joins them on a journey aboard the mysterious Norn ship, a giant globe that floats in midair.


Main characters[edit]

Should the player not wish to play as Sorata, there are three other protagonists available. Each has three different men by their sides.

Koharu (こはる)
Voiced by: Ayumi Fujimura
Koharu is a cheerful, pink-haired girl. She does not remember her own name because people mock and call her a monster. The name she goes by was given to her by an unknown man who turned out to be Kakeru's father. She has the ability to manipulate fire and is an ignorant and fearless heroine. Koharu has less knowledge, so she always notes everything. She always wants to be friends with everyone. As the series progress, she and Kakeru had a relationship.
Mikoto Kuga (久我 深琴, Kuga Mikoto)
Voiced by: Ayahi Takagaki
Mikoto is a beautiful, long black-haired girl. Calm and mature, has a strong sense in responsibility and taking care of others. Being born into a noble family, Mikoto was raised by those around her with great care. She was raised to believe that her power is a precious gift from God, making her very proud of her ability. For this reason, she can be high-handed. Since she hasn't had contact with men other than Sakuya Nijou, her childhood friend, Mikoto has trouble with life aboard the Norn ship. Because her feelings to protect everyone is too strong, she often abandons her own feelings and safety. She always thinks that she's the one who can protect everyone and responsible for that. But as the journey continues, that thought begins to change. She has the ability to create force fields (結界, kekkai).
Nanami Shiranui (不知火 七海, Shiranui Nanami)
Voiced by: Asami Seto
Nanami is the youngest with short wavy purple hair. Despite a seemingly quiet personality, she has high physical ability and is a talented kunoichi (female ninja). She has a dark past and seems to hate her own ability, which is to erase other people's memories. This makes her always try not to get too close with other people, so that she won't get hurt when she has to makes them forget something, or even about her. Her ability makes her relationship dynamics with her three men interesting but complicated.

Koharu's Target Group - Koharu Route: Main Heroes[edit]

Kakeru Yuiga (結賀 駆, Yuiga Kakeru)
Voiced by: Yūki Kaji
A natural sadist, proven when he treats Senri like his ‘toy’. The game introduces him as a bright and gentle young lad. Some of the crew members think of him as a great tactician but some of them think that he’s mean. He seems to enjoy teasing Koharu. She innocently accepts any jokes he threw at her which sometimes causes Kakeru to feel a sense of guilt. As the series progress, he and Koharu had a relationship. His ability is manipulating greens.
Senri Ichinose (市ノ瀬 千里, Ichinose Senri)
Voiced by: Hiro Shimono
A hikikomori. He has the ability to use water. Although he mainly appears in Koharu's route, he is often shown as the prominent figure in scans and images by Otomate and classed as a main character.
Masamune Tōya (遠矢 正宗, Tōya Masamune)
Voiced by: Takuya Satō.
His ability is to look into someone past just by touching them using his right arm.

Mikoto's Target Group - Mikoto Route: Main Heroes[edit]

Natsuhiko Azuma (吾妻 夏彦, Asuma Natsuhiko)
Voiced by: Daisuke Ono
Handsome young man whose very cold and unemotional and never raises his voice.[7] He was a scientist, but he became a weapon dealer now. He's good at creating machines, robots, and controlling ships. He is the descendant of one of the people who created Aion. He opposes 'Reset' because he thinks that they are abusing science and all the other research will get destroyed. He hunts down the Norns' lives to prevent them to 'Reset' the world again because their powers are only meant to 'Reset' the world. In Natsuhiko's route, he later becomes the protagonist even though he is one of the antagonists in other routes. Some time in his route, Mikoto misunderstands him for being a sadist.
Sakuya Nijō (二条 朔也, Nijō Sakuya)
Voiced by: Mitsuki Saiga
He is Mikoto's childhood friend. An extremely handsome young man, he’s a perfect gentleman whenever a lady is present. He is really gentle towards ladies but Nanami states that he is only kind and gentle towards Mikoto.[8] He holds dear his precious childhood friend, Mikoto.[9] He treasures Mikoto a lot and is very protective of her. The white ribbon tying his hair matches Mikoto’s twin white ribbons. Sakuya seems to like fortune-telling and riddles. He has the ability to see the future, though he cannot use it as he wishes. In Sakuya's route, he told Mikoto that in the future, he will die protecting the girl he loves which is why she made Sakuya promise not to fall in love with anyone; it was their childhood promise.
Itsuki Kagami (加賀見 一月, Kagami Itsuki)
Voiced by: Kōji Yusa
A flirtatious young man whose constant attempts at charm leads others to distrust him. He’s always joking around in order to hide his true emotions. He often teases Mikoto for fun.[10] He has the ability to manipulate dreams. The ability is later revealed to be passed to him by his deceased sister,[11] Kazuha.

Nanami's Target Group - Nanami Route: Main Heroes[edit]

Akito Syukuri (宿吏 暁人, Syukuri Akito)
Voiced by: Noriaki Sugiyama
He has the same ability as Senri, and is later to be revealed to be his older brother. Akito is a rough and violent guy who treats Nanami cruelly due to their past together.
Ron Muroboshi (室星 ロン, Muroboshi Ron)
Voiced by: Tomokazu Sugita
He turns out to be the traitor among the ability users and is working for Natsuhiko. He doesn't have an ability, but uses a gun. He’s the oldest among the members.
Heishi Otomaru (乙丸 平士, Otomaru Heishi)
Voiced by: Hiroyuki Yoshino
He has the ability to use telepathy. Energetic and friendly, Heishi can be considered the mood maker of the team.

Other Characters[edit]

Sorata Suzuhara (鈴原 空汰, Suzuhara Sorata)
Voiced by: Atsushi Abe
He comes from the Heisei Era. He's warped to the past, upon hearing a mysterious song.
Shirō Yuiga (結賀 史狼, Yuiga Shirō)
Voiced by: Kenji Hamada
Kakeru's father. He was the one who gave Koharu's name.
Setsu Takishima (滝島 雪, Takushima Setsu)
Voiced by: Mitsuhiro Ichiki
Natsuhiko's assistant. He is an extreme masochist.
Aion (アイオン)
Voiced by: Nagi Yanagi
Is a cyborg created by Sorata Suzuhara. She goes under the name, 'The World'.
Kazuha Kagami (加賀見 和葉, Kagami Kazuha)
Voiced by: Miho Arakawa
She is one of the characters who appears in Norn9: Last Era. She was Itsuki's younger sister.
Motohisa Tōya (遠矢 基久, Tōya Motohisa)
Voiced by: Yōji Ueda
He is one of the characters who appears in Norn9: Last Era. He is a relative of Masamune.
Nagisa Totonose (徒々枝 凪沙, Totonose Nagisa)
Voiced by: Ryōka Yuzuki
She is one of the characters who appears in Norn9: Last Era. She is then revealed to be Natsuhiko's older sister which he hates because she is siding with "The World".
Yahiro Saishō (西所 弥広, Saishō Yahiro)
Voiced by: Yuichi Nakamura
He is one of the characters who appears in Norn9: Last Era. He is Heishi's guardian when he was little.





On March 2, 2014, Idea Factory announced that Norn9: Norn + Nonette has an anime in the works during the "Norn9 with Ark & for Spica" event at Tokyo's Nakano Sun Plaza.[12] The anime aired from January 7[13] to March 31, 2016. The opening theme is "Kazakiri" by Nagi Yanagi and the ending theme is "Zero Tokei" by Oda Kaori. On December 29, 2015, the anime was licensed by Sentai Filmworks in North America.[14]

The series was streamed on Hulu and Anime Network.[15]

Episode list[edit]

No. Official English title[a]
Original Japanese title[16]
Original air date
1 "The Ship that Sails in the Sky"
"Sora o seiku fune" (空を征く船) 
January 7, 2016
2 "Ability"
"Nōryoku" (能力) 
January 14, 2016
3 "Sprouting Spring"
"Mebuku haru" (芽吹く春) 
January 21, 2016
4 "Serenade of the Dawn"
"Kare dare no serenāde" (彼誰のセレナーデ) 
January 28, 2016
5 "The Dozing Forest"
"Madoromu mori" (微睡む森) 
February 4, 2016
6 "The Gears in Motion"
"Ugokihajime ta haguruma" (動き始めた歯車) 
February 11, 2016
7 "A Dream of Reality"
"Utsutsu no Yume" (うつつの夢) 
February 18, 2016
8 "The World"
"Sekai" (世界) 
February 25, 2016
9 "The Truth for Everyone"
"Sorezore no Shinjitsu" (それぞれの真実) 
March 3, 2016
9.5 "Recap - Goddess of Destiny"   March 10, 2016
10 "Aion The Eternity"
"Eien" (永遠) 
March 17, 2016
11 "The Reset"
"Risetto" (リセット) 
March 24, 2016
12 "The New World"
"Atarashī sekai" (新しい世界) 
March 31, 2016


  1. ^ All English titles are taken from Sentai Filmworks.


The game's background music was written by Australian composer Kevin Penkin. Famed Final Fantasy series composer Nobuo Uematsu wrote the game's main theme, which was arranged by Penkin. Three pieces of theme music are used throughout the game. The opening is melee, the ending theme is many universes, and the insert song is Sunadokei wa Karanokara (砂時計は空の空, The Hourglass is the Futility of Futilities). All three songs are performed by Nagi Yanagi.[17] For Norn9: Last Era, the opening theme is foe while the ending theme is skyscape. Both songs are also performed by Yanagi.


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