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Native name
Yūgen-gaisha Orenji
Industry Japanese animation
Founded May 1, 2004; 14 years ago (May 1, 2004)
Headquarters Musashino, Tokyo, Japan
Key people
Eiji Inamoto (founder/president)
Number of employees
90 (as of June 2018)

Orange Co., Ltd. (Japanese: 有限会社オレンジ, Hepburn: Yūgen-gaisha Orenji) is a Japanese animation studio based in Musashino, Tokyo that specializes in the production of 3DCG animation.[1] The studio is known for its exaggerated 3D and directing style, which differs from the traditional movement often found in CG works.[2]


Orange was founded by famed CG animator Eiji Inomoto. After working on Zoids: Chaotic Century and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex as one of the main Tachikoma 3D Unit members, Eiji gained fame within the animation industry for his usage of CG animation.[3] In 2004, he founded Orange, and using his small team, Eiji worked on the CG animation for various other companies works. For example Xebec's Heroic Age in 2007 and the anime adaptation of Rail Wars! in 2014. Although Orange was well-known throughout the industry for providing many series with CG animation, especially with works that involved mechas, they would not produce an anime as a lead animation studio until 2013, 9 years after its founding. For the next 4 years, Orange continued to do the CG animation for other companies, but they started to co-produce series like Black Bullet and Dimension W. In 2017, the studio produced its first anime that was not under a co-production. This anime was an adaptation of Land of the Lustrous, which was met with positive critical reception, with praise being given for its usage of CG animation.[4][5][6] Orange has been a common collaborator of Kinema Citrus.[7]


The list below is a list of Orange's works as a lead animation studio.

Anime television series[edit]

Year Anime Title Date Aired Eps Director(s) Note(s) Ref(s)
2013 Majestic Prince April 4, 2013 – September 19, 2013 24 Keitaro Motonaga Adaptation of a manga by Rando Ayamine.
Co-animated with Doga Kobo.
2014 Black Bullet April 8, 2014 – July 1, 2014 13 Masayuki Kojima Adaptation of a light novel series by Shiden Kanzaki and Saki Ukai.
Co-animated with Kinema Citrus.
2016 Norn9 January 7, 2016 – March 31, 2016 12 Takao Abo Adaptation of an otome game by Otomate.
Co-animated with Kinema Citrus.
2016 Dimension W January 10, 2016 – March 27, 2016 12 Kanta Kamei Adaptation of a manga by Yūji Iwahara.
Co-animated with 3Hz.
2016 Active Raid January 7, 2016 – September 27, 2016 26 Gorō Taniguchi (chief director)
Noriaki Akitaya
Original anime series
Animation production by Production IMS.
2017 Land of the Lustrous October 7, 2017 – December 23, 2017 12 Takahiko Kyōgoku Based on a manga by Haruko Ichikawa. [11]


Year Anime Title Date Aired Eps Director(s) Note(s) Ref(s)
2016 Norn9: Goddess of Destiny 2016 1 Takao Abo TV special
Co-animated with Kinema Citrus.
2016 Under the Dog August 1, 2016 1 Masahiro Andō Co-animated with Kinema Citrus [7]
2016 Dimension W August 26, 2016 1 Kanta Kamei Unaired episode bundled with the anime 6th Blu-ray release.
Co-animated with 3Hz.
2016 Majestic Prince: Wings to the Future September 29, 2016 1 Keitaro Motonaga Television movie remake of the Majestic Prince series' ending.
Co-animated with Seven Arcs Pictures.


Year Anime Title Released Director(s) Note(s) Ref(s)
2013 Neppu Kairiku Bushi Road December 31, 2013 Masayuki Sakoi Based on a media franchise created by Sunao Yoshida.
Co-animated with Kinema Citrus.
2016 Majestic Prince: Genetic Awakening November 4, 2016 Keitaro Motonoga Film sequel to Majestic Prince: Wings to the Future.
Co-animated with Seven Arcs Pictures.
2018 Monster Strike Movie 2: Sora no Kanata October 2018 TBA Part of the Monster Strike media franchise. [13]


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