Oak Openings Preserve Metropark

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Oak Openings Preserve Metropark
Oak Openings-Mallard Lake.jpg
Mallard Lake at Oak Openings
Type Nature Preserve
Location Swanton, Ohio
Coordinates 41°33′14″N 83°51′11″W / 41.554°N 83.853°W / 41.554; -83.853Coordinates: 41°33′14″N 83°51′11″W / 41.554°N 83.853°W / 41.554; -83.853

Oak Openings Preserve Metropark is the largest of the Toledo Area Metroparks. It is a nature preserve located between Whitehouse, Ohio and Swanton, Ohio and is part of the Toledo Metroparks. It is located southwest of the Toledo Express Airport, and contains sand dunes and several rare plant species. Most of the park is an oak savanna ecosystem, characterized by alternating wetlands and vegetated dunes.

The park hosts the Beuhner Center, a unique, interactive nature center, and frequent scout camping.[1] There are over fifty miles of trails in Oak Openings Preserve.

The park gets its name from the region in which it is located. Oak Openings Preserve lies within the larger Oak Openings Region of Northwest Ohio. The region hosts over 180 rare species of plants and animals. This is over one-third of all rare species found in the state of Ohio.[2]

According to The Nature Conservancy, the Oak Openings Region is one of the 200 "Last Great Places on Earth".


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