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The Northern Lakes League (NLL), is an OHSAA high school athletic conference that was formed in 1956 and comprises eight high schools in Northwest Ohio.

The member schools of the NLL beginning in fall of 2011.

Current members[edit]

School Nickname Location Colors Type Enrollment Middle school(s) Joined League
Anthony Wayne Generals Whitehouse Blue, White
Public 1,299 Anthony Wayne JHS 1956
Bowling Green Bobcats Bowling Green Red, Gray
Public 1,093 Bowling Green JHS 1978
Maumee Panthers Maumee Purple, Gold
Public 1,056 Gateway MS 1956
Napoleon Wildcats Napoleon Navy, White
Public 866 Napoleon MS 2011
Northview Wildcats Sylvania Black, Yellow,
Public 1,349 Arbor Hills JHS,
McCord JHS
Perrysburg Yellow Jackets Perrysburg Black, Old Gold
Public 1,448 Perrysburg JHS 1956
Southview Cougars Sylvania Orange, Brown
Public 1,326 Arbor Hills JHS,
McCord JHS,
Timberstone JHS
Springfield Blue Devils Holland Blue, White
Public 1,177 Springfield MS 1962

Former members[edit]

School Nickname Location Colors Type Membership Tenure Notes
Eastwood Eagles Pemberville Red, White, Columbia
Public 1959–1972 Left for the SLL, now in the NBC
Elmwood Royals Bloomdale Royal Blue, White
Public 1960–1972 Left for the SLL, now in the NBC
Genoa Comets Genoa Maroon, Gray
Public 1956–1972 Left for the SLL, now in the NBC
Lake Flyers Millbury Navy, White, Columbia
Public 1960–1996 Left for the SLL, now in the NBC
Port Clinton Redskins Port Clinton Red, White
Public 1956–1963 Left for the GLL, now in the SBC
Rossford Bulldogs Rossford Maroon, Gray
Public 1956–2011 Left for the NBC

League history[edit]


  • The Great Northern Conference had been created in 1945 with Oregon Clay, Maumee, Perrysburg, Rossford, Sylvania and Toledo Whitmer as its charter members.[1] Anthony Wayne would join them in 1953. League expansion was brought up in 1956 as Bowling Green, Fostoria, Swanton, Oak Harbor, Genoa, Lake, Port Clinton, Toledo Rogers and Holland were considered for membership. The GNC eventually grew and split into two divisions based on size— Orange: (Bowling Green, Clay, Fostoria, Toledo Rogers, Sylvania, and Toledo Whitmer) and Blue: (Anthony Wayne, Genoa, Maumee, Perrysburg, Port Clinton and Rossford). The names were changed in 1957, with the Orange Division becoming the Great Lakes League and the Blue Division becoming the Northern Lakes League.[2]
Great Northern Conference Divisions (created in 1956)
Orange / Great Lakes League Blue / Northern Lakes League
Bowling Green Anthony Wayne
Clay Genoa
Fostoria Maumee
Rogers Perrysburg
Sylvania Port Clinton
Whitmer Rossford
  • The NLL begins for the 1956-57 school year with Anthony Wayne, Genoa, Maumee, Perrysburg, Port Clinton, and Rossford as its charter members.[3]
  • Eastwood joins in 1959 after being accepted in 1958.[4]


  • Elmwood and Lake both join in 1960.[5]
  • When Springfield (Holland HS until 1959) joins in 1962, the NLL will have its largest membership total at ten schools.[6] This would only last for the 1962-63 school year.
  • Port Clinton switches into the Great Lakes League[7] (the Orange Division of the GNC) in 1963 after winning three football titles in 1957, 1960, and 1962.


  • For the 1972-73 school year, Eastwood, Elmwood, and Genoa leave to help form the Suburban Lakes League (SLL), leaving 6 members for a while.[8] Swanton and Napoleon were suggested as replacements.
  • Southview joins in 1976 after Sylvania High School splits.[9]
  • Bowling Green leaves the GLL in 1978 to bring the league total to 8.[10]


  • The League membership remains consistent


  • For the 1996-97 school year, Lake leaves to join the SLL, and is replaced by Northview, who leaves the former Great Lakes League.[11] The football team remained in the GLL for the 1996 season before fully joining at season's end.
  • Around 1999, Rossford first considered leaving the NLL for a league with members closer in their size. The 9-member SLL offered an opening, but Rossford initially declined.[12]


  • In 2008, Rossford sent a letter of interest to be considered as the replacement for Lakota in the SLL, who left for the MAL in 2009.[13] The SLL could not get a 6-out-of-7 vote to accept Rossford, ensuring they would remain a member of the NLL for at least a few more years. The NLL considered adding Clay and Napoleon to make a ten-school league, but a majority vote was not reached to expand.[14]
  • In May 2009, Rossford's board of education voted unanimously to leave the Northern Lakes League and form the new Northern Buckeye Conference with Eastwood, Genoa, Lake, Otsego, and Woodmore, all schools that were withdrawing from the Suburban Lakes League.[15] Later additions to the NBC included Elmwood and Fostoria.[16] The new league began competition in the fall of 2011.
  • In June 2009, Napoleon High School accepted the invitation to join the Northern Lakes League in 2011 as the replacement for Rossford.[17]
  • In August 2009, Maumee's school board voted 3-2 to remain members of the Northern Lakes League and to not accept the NBC's invitation to join their new league.[18]

Football champions[edit]


The member schools of the NLL from 1996-2011.
All-time members of the NLL. Current members are in red, former members are in green.
Year Champions
1956 Maumee
1957 Port Clinton
1958 Perrysburg
1959 Maumee, Perrysburg
1960 Port Clinton
1961 Perrysburg
1962 Maumee, Port Clinton
1963 Rossford
1964 Rossford
1965 Elmwood
1966 Eastwood
1967 Perrysburg
1968 Rossford
1969 Rossford
1970 Springfield
1971 Lake
1972 Rossford
1973 Anthony Wayne
1974 Anthony Wayne, Maumee, Springfield
1975 Maumee
1976 Anthony Wayne
1977 Perrysburg
1978 Lake
1979 Perrysburg
1980 Perrysburg
1981 Lake, Springfield
1982 Rossford
1983 Lake, Springfield
1984 Bowling Green, Perrysburg
1985 Perrysburg
1986 Maumee
1987 Anthony Wayne
1988 Anthony Wayne, Bowling Green
1989 Rossford
1990 Rossford
1991 Bowling Green, Springfield
1992 Maumee, Southview, Springfield
1993 Springfield, Bowling Green
1994 Springfield, Maumee
1995 Bowling Green
1996 Bowling Green
1997 Bowling Green, Southview
1998 Bowling Green, Southview
1999 Southview
2000 Bowling Green
2001 Maumee, Perrysburg
2002 Rossford
2003 Southview
2004 Southview
2005 Northview, Southview
2006 Perrysburg
2007 Southview
2008 Southview
2009 Maumee, Southview
2010 Southview
2011 Southview
2012 Napoleon
2013 Perrysburg
2014 Perrysburg
2015 Perrysburg
2016 Springfield
2017 Anthony Wayne
2018 Anthony Wayne
2019 Anthony Wayne

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