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Oatibix and milk, with cereal box

Oatibix is a breakfast cereal that was introduced in the United Kingdom in August 2006. It was invented and created by Weetabix Limited, which also produced the similar Weetabix breakfast cereal.


Oatibix is similar to Weetabix, but it is made from oats rather than wheat. It was introduced with the advert when a delivery truck carrying it shows made up name "Not Made From Wheat Made From Oats Instead-Abix". Oatibix was voted "Product of the Year" in 2008.[citation needed]

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In April 2007, Weetabix Limited also introduced Oatiflakes, which is also released with Raisin, Cranberry and Blackcurrant varieties.

Oatibix Bites[edit]

Oatibix Bites are a smaller "bite-sized" version of Oatibix that can be "poured" into a bowl, similar to Weetabix Minis, and more like a traditional breakfast cereal. It is available as Oatibix Bites, Oatibix Bites with Sultana and Apple and Oatibix Bites with Cranberry varieties.

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