Opal Cone

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Opal Cone
Elfin Lakes, Opal Cone.jpg
Highest point
Elevation1,736 m (5,696 ft)
Prominence86 m (282 ft)
Coordinates49°49′38.0″N 122°58′16.0″W / 49.827222°N 122.971111°W / 49.827222; -122.971111Coordinates: 49°49′38.0″N 122°58′16.0″W / 49.827222°N 122.971111°W / 49.827222; -122.971111
LocationGaribaldi Park, British Columbia, Canada
Parent rangeGaribaldi Ranges
Topo mapNTS 92.G/15
Age of rockHolocene
Mountain typeCinder cone
Volcanic arc/beltCanadian Cascade Arc
Garibaldi Volcanic Belt
Last eruption9300 BP

Opal Cone is a cinder cone located on the southeast flank of Mount Garibaldi in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, Canada. It is the source of a 15 km long broad dacite lava flow with prominent wrinkled ridges. The lava flow is unusually long for a silicic lava flow.

Opal Cone is a member of the Cascade Volcanoes, but it is located in the Garibaldi Ranges in the Coast Mountains and not in the Cascade Range proper.

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