Mount Helena (British Columbia)

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Mount Helena
Elevation 1,564 m (5,131 ft)
Prominence 274 m (899 ft)
Location Jervis Inlet , British Columbia, Canada
Range Pacific Ranges
Coordinates 50°11.4′N 123°51.6′W / 50.1900°N 123.8600°W / 50.1900; -123.8600 (Mount Helena)
Topo map NTS 092.J.04

Mount Helena is a mountain located at the Queen Reach arm of Jervis Inlet and behind Princess Louisa Inlet. Mount Helena is part of the Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains in British Columbia Canada. The mountain was named during the 1860 survey by the HMS Plumber who charted all of the known area and named the mountain after HRH Princess Helena Augusta Victoria “Lenchen” who was the fifth child of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of England.[1]

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