Middle Finger (mountain)

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Middle Finger
The Middle Finger is the highest peak, just in the clouds.
Highest point
Elevation 1,890 m (6,200 ft)
Prominence 973 m (3,192 ft)
Coordinates 49°30′58″N 122°42′18″W / 49.51611°N 122.70500°W / 49.51611; -122.70500Coordinates: 49°30′58″N 122°42′18″W / 49.51611°N 122.70500°W / 49.51611; -122.70500
Location British Columbia, Canada
Parent range Five Fingers Group, Pacific Ranges, Coast Mountains
Topo map NTS 92.G/10
First ascent 1938 L. Harrison; R. Pilkington[1]
Easiest route south side[2]

The Middle Finger is a mountain in the Five Fingers Group, a group of summits on the divide between Pitt Lake and Coquitlam Lake and north of Widgeon Lake, in British Columbia, Canada.[3][4]

The Middle Finger is the highest of the group.


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